How much have you spent at Amazon?


North Carolina has been the same as well since 2009. I think a lot of states effectively joined up for the “Amazon laws.” I believe we were supposed to self report prior to that though.


I don’t see a way to get that report at, where most of my purchases have been. At I have about $4600 in purchases since 2007 - mainly things I couldn’t get in Canada or gifts for American friends.


Yeah, from what I can tell, it only works on the US site.


$17K since 2012, when I switched accounts for some reason.


“Your report is taking a while to process. You will receive an email when your report has completed”

uh oh


Come on Jason, its Amazon, so it isn’t like they can just add as many servers as they need to process your little batch job right away!


My first several attempts failed. After switching the start date to 2010, I’m listed at just under $7K.


Yeah, I’m at 14k since 2010. I’m not sure what the hell I did before then to make Amazon lose its mind.


The site only went back to 2006, and my reports spanning 2006 through 2008 all failed for some reason. I had to split it up into three separate reports to get the rest. Anyway, my total from 2008 to present is much lower than some of you guys-- $23,326.

That’s only 2008 to current, but my earliest Amazon purchase was in November 1998. I still have the email receipt. DVDs of Boogie Nights, The Fugitive, Goodfellas, L.A. Confidential, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. $62 plus shipping.


$38K o.m.f.g…


Mine was ~$36k since 2007… Makes prime worth it, with the prime 5% card, 2day shipping, and prime video…


I bought a $600 Roomba from Amazon this week. They were offering it for 5 monthly payments with no interest. I was thinking it was odd, no credit check and what’s in it for them? Then I thought of this thread, they don’t need to do a credit check, they have 18 years of history on me. They know everything about me as a customer. Plus I have had the Roomba on my wishlist for over a year and hadn’t pulled the trigger. I wanted one, but didn’t wanted the lump sum payment in my budget. They got me to make a purchase I was hesitant to make.


Things like this remind me why Amazon is so successful. In a good way.


I just got an Amazon CC again. I had problems with Chase on several occasions with fraudulent charges. They seem to have gotten that fixed.


I did the same thing! Imagine, all the money I could have saved the last 15 years could have bought me like, a video card or something. Maybe even two!


Damn, I just read up on this. I could have gotten 5% back on purchases, that would have paid for Prime more than once in savings.


Yeah I also have the Amazon CC. 5% back doesn’t quite make up for paying tax, but it helps.

I use a chase sapphire reserve for everything else, which gives 3% in points on travel and dining, and those points can be spent on travel at 1.5 cents per point, for an effective 4.5% cash back, and those points can be transferred to a ton of airline frequent flier points for an even better return.

Basically I get 4.5% to 5% back on every penny I spend other than my housing and groceries. And I don’t buy a lot of groceries.


There are amazon credit cards that give 5% back in the US? Jesus, that would be amazing, given how much I spent and get a paltry 1.75% back from my bank (and that’s only because of a platinum card).


From a quick search, Chase used to offer one in upstate New York aka Canada, but they killed it in March 2018. You just missed it!


Recently Steam made me look at my early Steam purchases, and then all my steam purchases, and I was really sad when I realized that I had only played a tiny fraction of those games. Most of them had just gone to my backlog.

Well, this thread making me look at my Amazon purchases made me feel better again. I’ve played nearly all the physical games I bought from Amazon.

I wonder if it has to do with buy physical media vs digital. When it’s a tangible object you get, maybe it’s harder to lose track of it.