How much have you spent at Amazon?




For me its “Hey, I want that AND it’s on sale”! Wait, what?! It’s not a bargain if I never play it? HERESY!


$1314 for me. But that includes the original PS4 that I pre-ordered for $400 and then sold for $600. I wonder if we can do the same for other sites, like Amazon Japan. That number might be scary.


Well, Amazon is doing their best to even things up.

Greetings from

You saved $0.03 with’s Pre-order Price Guarantee! The price of the item(s) decreased after you ordered them, and we gave you the lowest price.

The following title(s) decreased in price:

Deadpool 2 [Blu-ray]
Price on order date: $22.99
Price charged at shipping: $22.99
Lowest price before release date: $22.96
Amount to be refunded: $0.03
Quantity: 1
Total Savings: $0.03

$0.03 is your total savings under our Pre-order Price Guarantee.

You will automatically receive a refund of $0.03. You will receive an additional e-mail when this refund is processed.


My wife should own stock in Amazon


I recently bit the bullet and got the Prime credit card. 5% back on purchases is just waaaay too good considering how much I spend. I could easily cover the cost of Prime itself with that alone.


Yep, I’ve had one for over a year now. It basically cancels out most of the sales tax.


Not sure which Amazon topic to put it in so here it is.


I’ve had an issue recently where I thought I quick purchased a prime delivery item but the shipping ended up taking a week or longer. The last time I caught it in time to cancel the order before, “shipped,” but that seems to be the deal. Prime delivery, then shipped nearly instantly, then it takes longer than what we know of as prime, 2-day delivery.

That’s my bad for not paying attention, but the last one I got I did notice what I think is the scam.

The seller was not Amazon or Sam’s Club. I ordered some Clorox foaming spray cleaner. It was advertised as prime delivery, and at the time was the lowest price. I quick order, I get a shipped notification, then I don’t really pay attention until about 3 days later with no delivery. I go and check and the delivery was an estimate of 1-2 weeks. WTF? Then it arrives. It is quite obviously an actual shipment from Sam’s Club. In a Sam’s Club box, and sealed as if shipped from there. I got it about 9 days after ordering. When I go to check the seller, it is a different name, and prime is no longer listed on that item.

Could this be someone scanning internet items at Amazon and Sam’s and then selling them for lower than the other Amazon items, then leveraging Sam’s free normal delivery?

It just didn’t seem right, and as this seems to be something I keep having happen, I’m asking if anyone else here is getting this?


We’re you using the filter for prime only? Did you see the prime logo? Always buy from Amazon directly or where they are fulfilling orders for a third party if you can.


No but I’ll investigate that filter. I do look for Prime when I need it, like for this item.


I mainly use Amazon for Overdrive ebooks via my public library, which costs me nothing (except for the Kindle).


Hey Amazon sent out a Toy Book just like all the other retailers. It’s a printed thick book which, well okay, and it’s full of pictures of these fun toys for kids and teens and… not a single price in the whole thing. Amazon, wth.


I’ve just had something similar. The item was clearly listed as Prime. It gave me all the usual Prime shipping options at checkout. What actually arrived on the delivery date (via fedex) is a letter from the seller telling me when I’ll get my item. I look at the order again and suddenly its not Prime. Ultimately the item comes directly from the manufacturer and not the seller or Amazon distribution.

Might be a bug I guess, but seems like they’ve found some exploit in the amazon system to let them do dropship scenarios while keeping the Prime label.


Let’s hope this isn’t a new trend.


Is there a good list somewhere of which services Amazon offers (at no extra cost) to the public fall under Amazon Prime, and which do not? I can never keep them all straight.


Do you mean in house services like Prime Music and Prime Video and Twitch? Or… something else?


I don’t really know actually. What are all the services?


Never mind. I can look at Wikipedia to try and figure it out.


It will probably be more useful to go to amazon’s site:


How do I tell if an eBook is available for Kindle Lending Library? There is supposed to be a “Prime logo” somewhere according this site I looked at, but I don’t see one for the book below.

Is there a way to search just for Kindle Lending Library elligible ebooks?