How much have you spent at Amazon?


Was this fulfilled by Amazon? If it isn’t sold by Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon, it ain’t prime. Again, did you use the filter to show only prime items? If someone has found a way to mess with the system, Amazon should be told about it. Did you perhaps change to a different version of the item (e.g. from a 2-pack to a single)


It will show 0.00 if it is in the Unlimited subscription thing that I think you are talking about.

edit: wait you mean borrowing without the unlimited right? You can only see those on a Kindle device, I think. I’ve only done it once.

I am not sure they have a list but it’s fairly easy to see on a Kindle device:


Well, see for yourself…


Here is the first reads but I know there is another list. I picked one up as lending, not own.

Kindle Store : Kindle eBooks : Prime Eligible : Prime Reading Eligible



Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading are 2 different things.

Prime Reading is a free with Prime benefit that allows you to borrow up to 10 books at a time, from a very limited rotating selection. It’s also very difficult to find on the Amazon site/apps (I can’t make it work at all on PC, it works Ok on a Kindle Fire, and works pretty well on the Kindle iPad app). Also, if you have multiple devices or a shared Prime account, Prime Reading kind of shits the bed entirely.

Kindle Unlimited is a separate paid subscription service with a much larger selection and higher (no?) Limits on how many books you can use. It’s what Amazon wants you to use, because margins.

Both will make books show up with a 0.00 cost on the Amazon page, but most of the time, you’re looking at Kindle Unlimited free trial offers.

Last I looked, Prime Reading books included Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, the first 8 issues of Sabrina, and several volumes of Hellboy. You can look at some of those product pages to see how it shows up.

Edit: that Harry Potter screenshot is Prime Reading.


If that is the same one you ordered, you should complain to Amazon. But I don’t see how that seller could have a 99% positive rating if they are doing stuff like that.


Thanks. This is all very confusing. I will have to check and see whether my Kindle is too old or not to do this.

I guess I should have linked to these originally:


Embeds not working?


So are you a prime member now or are you thinking about becoming one?


I am thinking about it.

However, I don’t watch a lot of video. I would mainly use Prime for shopping, ebooks and audio books. The music library would be a plus I guess.


It’s always hard to know what Amazon will do, but they almost always have their devices on sale during the holidays and they love to sell their Prime Membership so that could get a discount too, at the very least you can get trial.

So… if you get a great deal and wind up with Prime you can explore the heck out of it before you decide if full price is worth it.


Okay, thanks. I may try the free trial.


FYI, check out You might be surprised who this redirects to :)


I don’t spend much, but when my wife was sick Jeff Bezos sent her a get well card.


Wtf is going on here?

The third one, the one that says “very very small CHILDS size” also has a message in the item description saying it is fake.

Sure looks like someone has hacked Amazon’s DB

Another page:


I wonder if Foots Love has some control over the item descriptions because they’re still flagged as being manufactured by them. Like, if they stopped manufacturing that product, but it’s still listed, maybe they can change their entry, knowing that it won’t ever show up for their own listings.


Look at the first picture. Multiple products from different companies.


Weird. I had never heard of these things but when I was having a left knee problem my GF pushed me to go to a chiropractor so I did, for the first time ever. He sold me one of these bands for $5 to wear on my left foot and it did seem to strengthen my knee.


Maybe they share the same manufacturer?

Hacking seems more likely though.


So, our renew date is coming up, and my wife heard that 2 day shipping hasn’t been as common as before. Has any heard about the changes going on, besides the price increase?

I personally am thinking of sticking around for the shows on Prime, and because my kids have a Fire Kids Tablet (which came with a subscription to kids stuff).


You shipping speeds gonna depend where you live. They’ve added regional warehouses around here. They even have same day / one day for some things.