How much HD programming do you get?

So while I love my new DLP TV I am a litle bit disappointed by the amount of HD content available via Comcast here in the Bay Area.

Basically we get HD versions of Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and the local station KRON, plus HD ESPN, Discovery, NFL Network, HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime. There’s also a local Fox Sports affiliate broadcasting occasionally in HD (last night they showed a Sharks game and hockey looks absolutely AMAZING in HD).

There are also two dedicated “INHD” channels showing a variety of content but the programming is pretty bland, lots of nature shows and random sporting events - the kind of stuff they leave the TVs tuned to in-store to show off the HD.

Okay so that’s not a bad selection but I kinda imagined there would be more. I’d really like to get Sci-Fi in HD, for example, for some super-sexy Battlestar Galactica goodness.

I’m just wondering how the line-up above compares to other HD cable providers around the country, and also to DirecTV. I rent, so putting up a dish is not an option for me, but I’m still curious.

My HD line up fucking sucks and it pisses me off.

I get Fox and CBS for the majors. Showtime and HBO for the movies. Discovery HD and ESPN HD for the other and then I get INHD and HDmovies net.

They need to get off their ass and give me more damn HD programming.

Yeah I’m kinda curious also about how quickly other stations are getting their HD versions set up. Sci-Fi, Food Network, FX, Fox Soccer Channel, VH1, UPN, BBC America and WB are just some of the stations I’d like to get in HD.

I downloaded an episode of Star Trek Enterprise recently and it was from a Canadian station that was broadcasting it in HD. So I know the feed is available, and am a bit irritated that I’m not getting it.

It’s not like I’m signed up to Billy Bob’s Cable or something. Isn’t Comcast supposed to be on top of this stuff?

BTW, watching movies on HBO HD has pretty much convinced me to really hold off on DVD purchases until HD-DVD arrives. All my regular DVDs look pretty shitty by comparison now.

Gah, just found out that on DirecTV there’s a Universal HD channel that broadcasts Battlestar Galactica in high-def.

Comcast, you fuckers.

I get free over-the-air HD broadcasts in San Francisco. That means Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, WB, and PBS. Not everything is broadcast in HD format, though, mainly primetime, sports events, and late night.

The big issue I have is that the NBC reception sucks. The problem with free over-the-air HD is that it’s antenna hell all over again. I’m having flashbacks to the early 80’s, when I had to fuck with the rabbit ears all the time. Only, this time, it’s not so much rabbit ears as it is the arrow-shaped directional HD antenna.

The issue is that, according to web sites that have this data… you need to have your antenna pointed in one direction for most channels. Of course, the NBC channel is an entirely different direction.

The other issue is that even the good channels have bad moments, particularly during the day. Evening shows are usually rock solid, but daytime is really iffy. The HD stutters and pauses all the time. Don’t know what causes it, though my theory now is that EM interference from the sun, which explains why it clears up at night. But there’s a free HD broadcast of a local station that airs nothing but HD content 24/7, and it’s rock solid all the time.

Last I checked Comcast was the largest Cable co in the US.

Sounds like you get all of the generally available HD programming there is. Like with the start of color broadcasting, we are still at the stage of rarity where they mention it at the beginning of programming. Several more years and it will be common enough to quit trumpeting.

I have Time Warner Cable, and we only get HBO and Showtime in HD, no Starz or Cinemax. We do get TNT-HD and two HDNet channels (one movies, one general crap - lots of concerts & event coverage). We also have an HD movies on demand service, but it just started and there are literally two movies on there as of last week. I get an HD-DVR from them too, and that’s a wonderful toy.

If you could get satellite, Echostar bought the HD satellite from the now-defunct Voom (which was a money-losing subsidiary of Cablevision, and the source of huge boardroom fights within Cablevision), and is incorporating Voom’s 21 channels into the Dish Network lineup. They added 10 already, and announced the other 11 would be available by end of 2006.

Shoot, Gary, it took me a year to finally get FOX and CBS added to the other “main” networks. Plus Adelphia has the strange habit of adding HD stations with no notice whatsoever. Your lineup looks pretty strong to me.

Boy, you sure get used to it though, I was royally pissed today when the Fins-Raiders game was not in HD for some unknown reason. :evil:

Yeah, I’ve got both an analog TV card and an HDTV card in my PC, and “regular” TV looks like crap compared to HD. Hard to watch it now.

Directv has crappy HD programming.

It’s not the quantity of channels - it’s the amount of compression they use to save bandwidth. you get jpeg artifacts!

Best feed I ever saw was a continuous PBS loop of europe - it’s about 6 hours long and darn, that looks like you’re really there. This was with time warner cable.

unfortunately unplugged time warner to get directv for some other packages.

I’ve downloaded missing episodes on bittorrent, and the image quality just doesn’t compare - they must be recording some over the air HD broadcast. amazing!

I haven’t gotten around to put up an antenna since I don’t watch any broadcast shows (ABC, nbc, etc)

Yeah, the image quality of my over-the-air HD is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous, especially when displayed on my Dell widescreen. By far sharper and richer than plain ol’ DVD.

Directv just added ESPN2 a couple of months ago to bring the total to 12 including SHO and HBO. I believe that’s slightly more than either Comcast or Dish. While its true that some channels are slightly compressed it has been a lot less noticable since I switched from a Samsung to an RCA HDTV receiver. When they finally make the switch to mpeg-4 that problem should be alleviated.

There’s not an awful lot in the Calgary area, that I know of. Last time I checked there was absolutely nothing over-the-air, and only 5 or 6 channels over cable.

(Looks like there are 9 cable channels now: CBC, TSN, SportsNet, Movie Central, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS)

Not enough for me to consider upgrading my TV set just yet, anyway.

I only pay for analog cable from comcast, but the HD versions of the major networks are unencrypted so my TV’s tuner picks them up (I also get all the music only stations, minus the programming guide). Right now I’m only missing CBS and UPN which aren’t available locally. I can’t complain since I’m not paying.

I’m getting all my HD signals over the air. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, WB and UPN (I think the last two are HD). I’ve been using an old rabbit-ears antenna which picks them up ok but I was wondering if there are any real good indoor ones that pick up both UHF and VHF. I’ve bought different amplified ones but they have been just awful. I always go back to the old non-amplified one. It’s not a big deal but I wish I could hide the rabbit ears better. All the signals according to are around 2-6 miles from my house.

Here is one that can be used indoors, but is only UHF- DB2

I got the information from a HDTV Special episode of [url=The Latest Technology Product Reviews, News, Tips, and Deals | PCMag]DigitalLifeTV