How much should it cost to replace a window?

I hate this kind of thing, because I always feel like I’m getting robbed by the contractors.

I need to replace a bad bedroom window. Not just the glass, but the entire windowsill (basically take out the whole window, put in a new one).

It is a casement type window, where the window swings out (not a double hung).

I’d estimate that it is about 4’ high and 5’ wide (can’t find my tape measure at the moment). It is actually one of those deals where it is split into two windows (with a block of wood between them). One side is just non-opening glass, the other side has a screen and the actual casement window.

I seriously have no idea if someone tells me $500 versus $2,000, so I’m looking for some advice as to what pricing level should set off my bullshit meter (this should include the installation).

When we remodeled last time a contractor charged me $70 a window in labor. You can call home depot or something in your area if you want an estimate. They did a really nice airtight job for my door.

Too many factors to go into. If you’ve got a casement window, you’ve probably got an older house. If the frame’s rotted, that’s a lot of labor that’s going to be tacked on. You replacing it with a wood or vinyl window? Double or single paned? Can you salvage the trim?

Get a few quotes from good window people. Without seeing pics or knowing more, that’s my rec.

Double pained, can not salvage trim. Am fine with having aluminum cover for outside trim. Replacing with a wood window, house isn’t that old (1986).

My problem is just that I’ve done this once before for a front bay window. I was literally getting separate quotes for over $3k, $3k, $2.5k, $1.5k. The $1.5k quote was actually for $2.2k originally, but I talked them down by lying about another mysterious handyman offer I had for much less. Even then, I have no idea whether I still got ripped off, the guy dropped his price without hardly any struggle.

It’s pissing me off that this shit is worse than buying a used car for some reason.

It kinda is. The main thing I got from the window business (my ex-wife’s family ran a window company) was that the really good windows can only be bought by a licensed installer. Also, installing a new window in an existing house ranges from the ‘easy enough that I can do it with some decent handyman skills’ to the 'oh shit, what I bought doesn’t fit ‘cause my house isn’t square anymore and it’s Sunday afternoon now’ level really quick.

4x5 sounds like two standard 32-inch windows, 48 in. high. Each window, double-paned low-E should cost around 200$. Labor for someone who knows what they are doing will be about an hour if he’s just replacing the window, maybe two hours if he has to rip out the entire casement and rebuild it. I wouldn’t pay more than 200$ in labor.

Have him be clear about what needs to be done; if it’s just popping a new window unit into the existing casement, then it’s a trivial job you could do yourself, provided you can take good measurements before ordering. I just replaced every window in a 100-year-old house, it’s not that hard if you order them the right size.