How Not to Fight Mutant Wasps

A sound of thunder… man how I hated that movie.

I liked Anaconda 2 :) one of the more macho manly man characters in movie history, aside from that dude in Frankenfish, hilarious.

As for Anaconda vs komodo, I´m not sure. I know that in Anaconda Vs Python OMG SPOILERS!


In Anaconda Vs Python they mate, or something.

Oh, and on the subject of using firearms agains swarming foes, I believe they are a long, loved tradition of B movies. From locust to bats to more locust to spiders to wasps, fairies, people just don´t seem to learn.

Back when I was a kid in the late '70s, everyone was afraid of “killer bees.” I remember seeing a made for TV movie based on them attacking or something. Mostly what I remember was that at the end they somehow tricked the bees to attack a car, and drove the car into the Astrodome. Then they turned down the AC.

Yeah, those movies were great.

If she’s like that kid from Wanted then they’ll be fine.

That’s pretty similar to the ending for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, except instead of AC, they used…ah, I won’t spoil it.

If you want to know how to fight mutant wasps PROPERLY, you need only ask Garth Marenghi:

I thought Ocelot did a pretty good job using guns against wasps in Metal Gear Solid 3…

A while back, Wired had an article about the Sci-Fi Channel’s particular flavor of cheesy movies and how they’re made.

Oh look, here it is: