How old are you? (for age verif. purposes)

I really hate it when I have to go through the hassle of putting in my age just so I can watch a trailer. Especially for sites like GameTrailers where I have a registered account so they should know my age. I don’t know whether they actually collect this information or if it is simply to check your age but I like to think that I’m screwing with their data. I’m consistently born in 1900 or even older if I can get away with it.

It’s fairly stupid. My age varies, because I enter it as quickly as possible via mousewheel roulette. I usually come out somewhere in the early fifties.

I know it’s an ESRB requirement to ask, but they could simplify things by just asking “Were you born before xx/xx/xx?” with buttons for yes and no.

Also–it’s an idiotic requirement.


1901 , I seem to always pick that year.

01/01/1901 unless the years are a long scroll then I’m whatever I can hit quickly close to 18 years old.

Kids aren’t clever enough to lie about their age to see something they’re not supposed to. So its a foolproof system.

Although it is amazing how 99% of people are born on the 1st of January…

I just pull down the year box, roll it back a few flicks and pick something. It’s neat how someone under the age of 18 wouldn’t be able to do that as well. Magical.

It’s such a stupid fucking process, I nerd rage every time I have to do it.

Recently 1/1/1111 has been working for text box age verification.

They just don’t make video games like they did back when I was young!

Dude im fuking 6 years old and I ollways picpk 1970 like Im some reely old dude! Omg so fuckin hillareeus they NEVER cach me Lolz.

Age gates make me sad when I realize that I have to click an extra time to get it to scroll down to the year I was born. The day I have to click twice I may just report to Sleepshop.

I’m always born on April Fool’s day.

Being old, I use this to make myself younger. Its wonderful.

It’s minor, but I always get annoyed when Steam makes me put in my age before watching a trailer. They’ve got more info on me than my wife does, they can’t cross-check that?

Cross-check that mess, Gabe!

Why can’t they just have a “Yes, I am 18 or over” button like the porn sites?

Yeah this annoys the hell out of me.

Because porn sites aren’t beholden to the ESRB?

The entering of an actual date rather than the clicking of a “Yes I’m Old Enough” button is a specific ESRB requirement.

Someone do a plugin.

I think i’m up to clicking twice. That makes me sad.


I’m 18/female/Cali

Anyways usually it’s 1.1. and whatever makes me 18+ years old.
And yes it’s pretty pointless but probably some smart lawyers want it or something.