How Old Are You?

If you’re having difficulty calculating how many games you’ve ever played, it may help to start with estimating your actual age. You could then multiply by some number. Anyway, this poll is here to help.

10-30? What are you, in some old fogey demographic where ages 10-30 actually run together?

30 is practically the same as 10, sonny.

Low twenties

I didn’t realize Tom let 1-5 year olds register on the forum!


Sorry, I liked the alternative choices better than the real answers. Went with it.

Your poll is defective! If I was 30 which one would I check? 10-30 or 30-50?

“Fuck off, smartass” ;)

not in the thirties, but almost there.

My poll is multiply defective. Perhaps I need a poll on how many ways my poll is defective, added to how many ways the new poll-defect-count poll is ITSELF defective.

Wow, we’re frickin’ old.

37 today. Damn.

Was the poll made by a 5 year old where once you hit 10 you’re an adult and once you hit 30 you’re old? Once you’re 50 you’re too blind to play video games right?

Quarter a century old.

LOL. 1-5? 5-10? Why not just have the following poll?

< 30
> 30
shit. Also, bonerz.

40, you goddamned kids.

When in doubt, always pick the largest number.

38 here.

35 por mi parte. Also, 10-30? que diablos?

This poll hasn’t helped me at all. I know I’m between 30 and 50 but how do I know the multiplier? And what do I multiply it by again to answer Bill’s question in the other thread?

16 yrs old.