How should we arrange the "Game of the Decade" QT3 poll?

Hey guys, sometime soon Bruce and I will be orchestrating the QT3 Game of the Decade thread. Quarterlies of the Decade. Decadelies. I don’t know, you can’t trust me with puns, I’m a dad. Given the response to the poll I posted in the 2019 voting thread linked just below, it looks like we’ll be kicking it off sometime in the next 2 weeks or thereabouts.

I have some questions I’d like to ask all of you about how you want to do it. The polls are here for people who don’t like to post but still want to give feedback, and as an aggregate of people’s opinions. But please also post in the thread if you want with feedback on these questions as well as other things we may not have thought of.

  1. How long should the voting be open?
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • Other

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  1. How many games should we vote for?
  • 1 game!
  • 5 games
  • 10 games
  • 20 games
  • Other

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  1. How should we handle scoring? There are three different methods I can think of here. One is just like usual, where we rank the games from 1 to X, and then each vote assigns X+1-(rank number) of points. The next would be a flat scoring system, where order doesn’t matter. Every game gets 1 point for every vote it gets, regardless of its place on your list. The last is we rank the games and you have a pool of points and you can assign a number to each vote. So, let’s say for 5 games like in the quarterlies where everyone ends up assigning 15 points via their ranking, instead you could do “10 points for my number 1 pick, Kitty Panic, 2 points for my number 2 pick, and 1 each for the rest of these”. This scoring style is better with more points and more games in the list so you have more freedom, but is certainly more game-y. I think that’s fine because we’re gamers. If we do this there would be restrictions like “At least 5 games, at most 10. You can assign at most 20 points to any one game and a minimum of 1.” If people like this idea we’ll work out the details in the discussion below. If you have another idea, sound off below.
  • Simple ranked
  • 1 vote = 1 point (no places or ordering counted)
  • Assign points
  • Other

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  1. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging
  • Shitbonerz
  • Shitbonerz?
  • Shitbonerz!
  • Actually, even though it’s a QT3 tradition I really think the shitbonerz thing is dumb.

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Please give us some feedback! :D Thanks all.

Notes for first post I don’t want to add there and mess the polls up:

Bruce will not be running the Game of the Decade poll writing. I’m available for the script and the voting, and I can handle writing the posts if needed but if anyone wants to offer to help out, especially if they have some writing chops, please post about it or message me.

I’ve added another poll below, please also answer it:

For the Assign points option, we would have it auto assign points for anyone’s ranked list who doesn’t feel like assigning points themselves. Sort of a “best of both worlds” approach.

Quick advice: you can change your vote if you click wrong by clicking the “Show vote” button after you click which will take you back to your vote and you can change it.

All polls close this Sunday at midnight.

Q&A from thread:

Super-important note: Please pretend the o in shitbonerz is a zero. I goofed!

Edit: I’ll try to edit this post instead of the one above to add stuff as needed.

Shit, I misclicked. I meant to vote “Other” under how many games we should vote for - I choose one. The game of the decade.

Easy, Europa Universalis IV.

Next question.

You can change your vote just close the click “Show Vote”

Sorry everyone please revote that vote. I tried to sneak in that new option and Discourse wiped the votes! D:

I won’t change the polls again. :/

@CraigM @Mark_Crump

Never heard of it, therefore not the game of the decade. Next!

Forgot to make this clear in the first post and don’t want to mess up people’s poll answers (even though when I don’t touch the polls it seems like it works fine)

For the Assign points option, we would have it auto assign points for anyone’s ranked list who doesn’t feel like assigning points themselves. Sort of a “best of both worlds” approach. That would be a cinch to implement.

I’m not sure I understand “How many should we vote for?” Does this mean I provide a ranked list of that many games or does it mean I vote from a pre-selected list of that many games?

I say 3 games per vote.

All votes not submitted for Star Citizen are immediately discarded.

You list twenty games. Your top ten should have some kind of text associated with them if possible explaining why you picked them. Use ranked or assign points voting. Make sure you specify the decade years so people don’t get confused over what counts and what doesn’t.

You give a list of that many games as your favorites for the decade. There’s no preselected list of games to choose from except the list of games that released in the 2010s.

OK cool. Changed my vote from Other to 5.

What’s “Simple Ranked” vs. “1 vote = 1 point”?

Game of the (console) generation makes sense to me. Can we do that soon too please :)

Simple ranked is like for the 2019 single year voting. 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd, etc, just extended to however many games we decide to put in our lists for the decade best of vote, i.e. for 10 games, 10 points for first place, 9 for second, and so on.

1 vote = 1 point means for your 5 or 10 game list, it’s 1 point for first place, 1 point for second place, 1 for third, and so on.

Oh, gotcha. So it would basically “matter” which ranking you gave things (“no particular order” won’t cut it, effectively). I’m cool with that, I think.

I think the biggest takeaway so far is that “shitb0nerz” has basically divided the forum 50/50. It’s our biggest ideological hurdle to overcome if we’re ever going to unite under one forum banner.

Edit: Thanks @Hotfreak. :D

unfortunately, I could not, in good conscience, vote for Shitbonerz! (closest to the right answer). That ‘o’ should be a ‘0’ (preferably with a line through it). Dad, indeed.