How tall are you?

No particularly good reason for this thread, just random curiosity. I’m 5’10", which is firmly in the average category in the US Midwest these days. Which means that I alternately feel really short…trying to see through the crowd at concerts…or really tall…like when I spent a few weeks in Malaysia for work.

So anyway, how tall are you?

5’10" damn you gravity!

I am a smidge under 5’8", and in my high school graduating class of about 60 boys, I was the 3rd shortest.


I’m like a few hairs under 6 feet, dangit, so 5’11, which doesn’t sound nearly as great.


5’ 7"

I should be taller, but stunted growth and all when young.

Half an inch taller than jpinard

5’10"! I used to be about 5’11", but I seem to have shrunk about an inch over the last few years. Making me the same height as my partner. Good thing I’m into tall women!

(I was briefly the tallest boy in my eighth grade class after a growth spurt. That was the last time I ever grew. Woops!)


It’s been too long since someone had unit conversions in 5th grade!

The exact thing happened to me. I’m 5’10"-11" and have been ever since 8th grade.

Almost the same here. Hit 5’11” in 8th grade, but capped out a year later at 6’1”

6’ 2" and I’ve been that since I was 12.
Taller than most, but I know that QT3 has people that make me look short.

People are often intimidated by my height so I try and soften the message.

5’11" here.

6’1", which feels average in Minnesota but I always feel like a giant towering over the masses in California.



So when I was in India for work I don’t recall interacting with anyone taller than I am. Not that they felt particularly short, just that most people topped out at 5’10”.

But there is one Indian guy at work who is easily 6’5”. It’s kind of incredible. Tallest person in the building almost, and not a single other person on my team is over 5’8” otherwise

6’ even, stopped growing at 13. Was hoping for 6’1, 6’2.

I was once in line in college cafeteria directly behind a guy 7’0 tall. I felt like a child next to him.