How tall are you?


That is unusual! I work with a lot of Indians in my new job and yeah, the average height seems to be more like 5’6"-5’8". I’m really hoping I get sent to India at some point, actually, that sounds awesome. It’s definitely something that could be in the cards if I stick around this joint for a while; a ton of our tech workforce is in Bangalore and people spend a couple weeks embedded with their counterparts all the time.


I’m 6’3" and was one of the shorter members of an 8 person MBA team that spent a month in Southeast Asia for our final project. We got a lot of stares.



You and your silly imperial units (in which I’d be 6’1", apparently). ;)

EDIT: average height in Brazil is apparently 1.70m (5’7"). But I don’t see people taller than me often around here, and most people are about a head or more shorter than me, so I usually feel like a giant. And oh god, the seats in planes and public transportation. Ugh.


Look, I find imperial units ridiculous in most contexts. I’d happily ditch the whole thing tomorrow if it was up to me.

Except temperature. I do like the granularity of Fahrenheit over celsius.



I love that chart.


I too am 5’ 7". To jump on the, “ditch imperial unit,” bandwagon, I will henceforth refer to my height as:
1 pinard


I’m 6’4" (probably closer to 6’3" with the inevitable shrinking of age).

My brother was 6’6", my brother-in-law is 6’7", other brother-in-law was 6’8", my father was 6’6", my nephew is 6’8", his father in law is 6’7", my father-in-law was 6’0"… FINALLY SOMEONE IN MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY WHO IS SHORTER THAN ME!


5’9", which makes me a relative giant at my family reunions (Puerto Rican), but a wee little man here in the Midwest.

I had a co-worker who was 6’7", and I bought a 19" CRT monitor off of him years ago. He ambles into my office, holding it. It looked like a 14" monitor in his giant-man arms, and I was all “Yeah, here I’ll take that, thanks!”, and somehow it grew as it was handed over to me, and I barely managed to move it to a desk.


So what you’re saying is you need a pair of shoe inserts to add a few inches.


6’5" 12345


I have this experience at 5’10". One of my (Guatemalan) mom’s sisters married a 6’6" guy and had a pair of extremely tall sons with him, but the entire remainder of my extended family are all shorter than me by at least 3 inches, often closer to 6. Obviously the one tall uncle and his sons look like gods amongst the rest of us in family photos :-D


1 pinard.


I keep seeing pinard and reading it as picard.




Had a colleague who was 6’8" and proportionally large. Whenever we had doughnuts or bagels in the office we’d joke that for him they were like Cheerios.


I want to claim I’m six-foot-twenty, but I don’t weigh a ton nor do I kill for fun, so I don’t think I legitimately can.



Can this be the thread where we tallies commiserate over the fact we have a shorter expected lifespan than the short among us?


So that would make me 0.985 pinards? Not even a full pinard?

I guess that kind of even makes sense when you consider I don’t even have my own frop bog.


1.97 which is apparently 5’ 87’’ in funny units.