How the hell did Opera figure this out?

Ok, the Opera since 7.1 has had a “fast forward” button.

What I just realizes is that on this forum, fast forward (bound to the space bar) will scroll down a page and then open the next topic with new threads in it.

I mean, its like magic. I’m a programmer, and it still seems like magic.

So for all your people still using IE, check out Opera. It’s a 12MB download, or 4 MB without the Java stuff.

It’s called evil, kid.

I haven’t seen it, but will take a guess. I think it looks for a link with ‘next’ in the text, as we have here. If there are more than one such link, it arbitrarily picks the first, last, highest in the heirarchy of nested tags, or something like that.

I bet you can set up a couple of simple HTML pages to test it, assuming it seems to fit other pages where the feature works too.

Even though my theory would be very simple to implement, it does sound like a very clever idea.

It’s a lot simpler than that. In the HTML header, there’s this line:

<link rel="next" href="viewtopic.php?t=4171&view=next" title="View next topic" />

Maybe there’s some complex code that examines the content like you suggested (it’d be a handy fallback solution if nothing else), but I’d bet the header tag is what Opera relying on. It’s a fairly standard header tag, I remember back when I was hand coding in Notepad with O’Reilly’s HTML: The Definitive Guide (1st Edition). I’m sort of surprised it hasn’t been used more.

It is a new tag

<link rel=“next” href=“viewtopic.php?t=4153&view=next” title=“View next topic” / >

One big issue with it. While opera plays nice with it, some browser add-ons will use it to pull the next page while you read the current. Which depending on the site, could suck extra bandwidth for nothing.


We have ourselves a tie.

Except that you say it’s a new tag, and I say it’s ancient. I’ll dig out my book and see who wins the tiebreaker.

Whoa, cool, a new version of Opera! Whoa, uncool, it pastes a big fat ad banner right over my browser window! Uninstall!

Back to 6.whatever for me. I’m all for a competitive browser market, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay $40 to get a big ad banner off my desktop when that’s one of the main reasons I use Opera in the first place.

BTW, nobody tell Chet…



:roll: Tom the reason you pay those forty bucks is so that the Opera company can stay in business.

Frickin cheapskates.

I will give you that it might be an old thing, just recently supported by a “mainstream” browser.


Tom the reason you pay those forty bucks is so that the Opera company can stay in business.

Far be it from me to tell Opera how to run their business, but there’s no way I’m going to pay $40 when I can get the functional equivalent for free from Microsoft, Netscape, and even “the Opera company” itself (version 6.x).


Yeah, because it’s your job, Tom, to make sure companies stay in business. Whether you like their products or not.

Frckin cheapskate!

I wonder if they’d make more money if they sold it for, say, $14.

$40 on a browser when I can use the built-in one or download any number of excellent Mozilla versions? Not gonna happen.

But if it was $10 or even $15, it’d be more of an impulse buy.

Well he already admitted he likes Opera so why not pay for and register the new version ?

I have registered many programs over the years, eg. Eudora, BulletProof FTP, Opera, ZoneAlarm, All Seeing Eye, and many others. If the program is good then pay for it !

I mean people don’t seem to mind wasting huge sums of money every month on shitty MMOG’s.

Bueller ?!

Yeah, because that ad destroys the browsing experience, taking up space that could better be used by… err… more useless toolbar buttons.

Dude, just shell out for it. Unless you like popups.

But opera is so slow. It loads images painfully slow. It does have the nice, open in the page behind me feature. I think that is my favorite part. Past that I prefer mozilla.

I like the way it can open pop up wondows, but it doesn’t really let them make a new window, they stay in the “workspace” and act just like a new tab. Those pricks at MS have really missed the boat with tabbed browsing. Firebird and Opera do all sorts of brilliant things and MS hasn’t updated IE in like two years, except to correct security problems. And I read there won’t be a new version until the next OS release, which will be integrated and unavailable to anyone who doesn’t upgrade.

I’m a total Firebird convert now. Just sayin’.