How to auto logo winxp?

every time i bootup it has a small icon of a guitar with my name next to it that i have to click before it actually goes through setting up the desktop and startup programs. how to get past that part icon click?

Here’s my feeble attempt:

Grab TweakUI from Microsoft’s site (here), install it, run it (it should be under Start->All Programs->Powertoys for Windows XP->Tweak UI). Now, there should be an option group called “Logon”. Click the + and expand that, then click “Autologon”, checkmark the “Log in automatically at system startup” option, make sure the user name is correct, “Set password” if you’ve got a password on the account, click Apply & OK and be done with it.

All that said, I’m sure someone has a much simpler way of doing this.;en-us;315231

  • Alan

This would happen to me after doing one of the .NET auto upgrades from Microsoft. It actually created a .Net user of some sort even though it wouldn’t show up on that list. Not sure why it did that. So I ended up deleting that user. With my primary the only user left, I stopped getting the icon at start up. Not sure if this is related to your setup at all.

cool, thanks. deleting user worked.

Wait, you have to log in to your machine?

after i turned on my laptop it just has a blue screen with “windows” on it and a guitar icon and my name. i click the icon (no password or typing) and it goes straight to the desktop and does the normal starting stuff (connecting to internet, startup programs filling the systray, etc). after i got rid of the thing it went straight to desktop, no blue screen of guitar icon.