How to avoid motion sickness or nausea in games?

Interesting, I had these issues with Borderlands. Still do with the newest. For me higher FOV and a well lit office helped. Oh, and clean glasses. Just a little smudge is sometimes enough to make me worse.

Polygon has an articleabout motion sickness in games that I found a little interesting.

I have been giving Farcry 3 another try and I’m doing OK. There are times I feel a bit off, but not how it was the first time I played. I bumped FOV up to 110, and mouse look sensitivity as low as it goes. I avoid driving and running as much as I can, but when I do I try to look either at the sky or to the side so I don’t see the weapon movement as much.

Yes, and devs are still churning out games without the ability to turn off viewbob or change FOV.

Can any here explain why having the option to turn it off is difficult to do? I’ve encountered difficulties even when you could, i.e the last Wolfenstein turning viewbob off helped loads, but it stopped the sniper scope working, but I still preferred it over having it on.

So is wide FOV better than narrow FOV? I ask because I’ve read some conflicting suggestions. Most people seem to say go for a wide FOV, but a few say narrow. My main issue is with flight sims; is wide FOV best there?

Get some of those wrist bands that you can buy for motion sickness. The nerve cluster on your wrist that they press should alleviate even virtually induced motion sickness. And they only cost a few bucks. They don’t work for everyone, but they work for the majority of sufferers.

As it happens, Timex, I just ordered a pair of those from Amazon yesterday. I hope they help!

Yesterday I experimented with increasing the FOV in X-Plane. I felt fine for 2-3 hours of simming. But then, just before bed, I said “heck, one more flight, just a quick ILS approach to Cairns.” Fifteen minutes later, I had a minor case of vertigo.

Ugh. I’ve reached a new low in motion sickness. Just played 30 minutes of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and now I feel like I’m about to hurl. Even with the incredibly slow movement speed in that game. I give up (for now).


I get this so badly…I can play maybe 30 seconds of a typical FPS before I start getting queasy. The only action game I can play without any ill effects is World of Tanks Blitz…and then only on my iphone. Even an iPad sets my middle ear going…so for me, a small screen size and/or distant monitor really does help. I’ve heard lighting a candle next to the monitor helps as well…though it was only so-so for me.

Helloooooo Witcher vision.