How to be a game designer

I’ve seen another one of these on G4, but not this one. This one is way cooler.

“Hey guys, finished testing that game yet? I’ve got another one I need designed!”

Yeah, I saw that one the other night and nearly lost my dinner. Something seriously needs to be done about the way this “education” is being pitched. It’s gotten to the point where it’s an out and out scam to get people who have no hope of ever getting a games industry job to shell out tens of thousands of dollars. At some point, doesn’t this become a regulatory issue, like selling people plots of swampland? There’s just such an extreme disconnect between what they’re selling and what people are actually getting, it seems like there should be some way to rein this in.

It hurts the industry, it hurts the legitimate educational institutions, but most of all, it hurts the people who fall for it. You really shouldn’t be able to make money that way.


But it makes for really funny commercials.

Hi, we’re game designers! Can you believe we get paid to just play games all day?

Cool games like this…

(blatant bad cgi) beoooo beoooo

and this!

(more bad cgi from 1997) zap zap beooo

Sweet Jesus (with lemon) seeing one of those puts me into a furniture smashing rage. R-R-R-R-RAAAAAAAGE!!! KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!

You’d think they’d drive their target audience away screaming with that shit.

I’m with Michael. That spot borders on fraud. Hilarious, delightful fraud, but fraud nonetheless.

Maybe that’s what the disclaimer at the end is about.

I remember a DeVry commercial from way back about some guy who learned to become a game designer at 7th Level and showed him “playing” a game that was obviously never made by them.

What a joke.

— Alan

What the hell is with the “not intended for residents of Texas or Massachusetts” disclaimer?

They have anti-fraud laws?

Perhaps those states don’t permit online schools?


I think they just have something against stupid presidential candidates…

Oops! Wrong forum – sorry! :)

For all the game artists out there:

What are you sitting around for - Tighten Up Those Graphics.

There, my work is done - I think I’ll play another game of Super MonkeyBall.

This is pretty much a perfect depiction of my life…though I tend to spend my days in a champagne filled hot-tub.

The commercial looks like it was made in 1979, and it’s not even funny. It makes me want to barf.
People have to be pretty phenomally reatrded to see you “tighten up those graphics” by using a nintendo game controller and play to the end of a level.

But then again G4tv has become a cesspool, so look at the target audience. If I were in game design, I think the first way to weed out applicants, would see anyone with this place on the resume, and immidiately shred their applications.

So I called Westwood College, and guess what?

I got the powerup and WON THE GAME!!

Turned in my 2 weeks notice today!

  • Actually, I showed this commercial to my dev team - which set them rolling. Quote from my boss “Yeah, tonight when I’m sitting at home at 6pm with my gin and a steak on the grill, I’ll wish I was working for EA, 90 hours a week.” Nuff said about the “reality-gap” in this commercial.

What I want to know is…why did they reach back into 1982 for their actors?

But it looks like a dual analog PS2 controller. I’m confused :cry:

Where I work, we almost immediately reject any candidates from Full Sail or any other “gaming program” school.

We hired I believe two of them in the past and they were complete disasters. When these new hires tried to apply what they learned at these schools it was pretty miserable.

The only tangible skills these schools seem to teach are rudimentary scripting knowledge and how to use a 3D package. Everything else they teach, especially the “theory” stuff, actually makes you a WORSE developer.

Best way to get knowledge on how to make a game is to work on a mod. That’s the best thing I can see on someone’s resume that hasn’t had prior industry experience.

Does anyone here actually watch G4? I stopped as soon as they dropped TechTV.

Absolutely hilarious. This one went around work today, and pretty much everyone started talking about tightening up our graphics…heh.

The state of games “education”, incidentally, is pretty sorry IMO.