How to be a game designer

As one of the 4.3 million individuals who fit in the “journalist or web designer who would really like to one day be a games designer” category, I’ve looked over one or two of these courses in the past.

They always made me think, “But there already is a game design degree: computer science!”

It seems to me the specific purpose of these game design courses is to appeal to those who know, deep down, that they don’t have what it takes, but who want it enough to engage in a bit of doublethink.

I liked the point about the ‘graduates’ who didn’t know their jobs except for 3D modelling, but were nonetheless useless in that regard. I wonder if these people were like artists who emerge from presitigious art colleges knowing how to do wonderful trompe l’oeil portraits and nothing else, and who have no chance whatsoever of achieving any success, because there is no market for what they do.

No, I believe they’re appealing to the idiot gamer who thinks making games takes as much time and talent as grilling a hot dog.

I can’t believe you actually found the video on the net. Everytime I see this commercial I want to scream. I’m personally waiting for the film production commercial.

Two guys with a camcorder filming a hot girl. There boss walks in. Hey bob, you guys finish this film yet. Oh we just finished shooting the last scene and we have to finish editing and putting in the special effects. We’ll have it done in a few hours. Boss leaves. Bob turns to his friend and says, And my mom said watching all that tv would help me get a job.

From their online description of this program:

What is a “game maintenance administrator”?

They couldn’t actually spell producer and it doesn’t have the word GAME in it.

A janitor.

I wouldn’t too riled up over this. What, you guys have never seen the “Draw Tippy/Pirate” drawing school ads that populated Silver Age comics? I still see the ad with that dorkus pitchman on TV occasionally.

CS == game design? I dunno.

I could see CS == game programmer, although even there, for the specific task of game programmer, I’d guess it depends on how it breaks down.

I always figured the reason most game jobs seem to require X years of experience in the games industry is because a normal education in more or less any area doesn’t really give you the relevent background to do reliable work on the tech side, and a superlative education tends to make gaming jobs look rather unattractive, what with the high hours/low pay relative combination.