How to carry/store Multiple Card Games?

I was wondering if anyone has discovered a way to carry multiple card type games (Smash Up, Dominion, Sentinels, etc) all together in the most efficient manner? Trying to grab all their separate boxes for travel can take up a lot of room.

I am interested in getting some type of case that would keep everything separate and maybe can fit multiple games. For example, I only own the original Dominion and one expansion. Could I fit them in some type of case (like a wooden briefcase) plus Smash Up without everything getting mixed together? Combining everything into one space would free up a lot of shelf space as well (and as side benefit disguise how may games I actually have - if we all understand each other). ;)

I worry that all the cards would not be equal in size in one wooden briefcase.

Have you thought about using something like a trading card box? It’s not as pretty as a wooden case, but should be much cheaper.

Amazon has a few similar options.

I’ve seen some pictures of custom-made cases using foam inserts and plastic dividers to separate card stacks.

When I played multiple TCGs (at my worst I think it was Magic, Pokemon, and MLB Showdown) trading card boxes were the preferred way to lug decks around. Ultra Pro was the go to brand if you wanted something a little fancier and it looks like they have a lot of options these days; usually a ‘serious’ deck would be stored in deck protectors and one of their hard sided cases, which was then stuffed in the above mentioned boxes.

I found a card chest at Go7 gaming accessories but hard to tell if they are selling anything (it was originally a kickstarter).

Hobby Lobby sells a “wooden artist case” that is easily modifiable to carry gaming cards. You can use stiff cardboard or plastic or light wood to make dividers.

Here’s mine full of Sentinels cards.

$25 regular price and they usually have a 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper.

Thanks, ddtibbs!

It is funny I was looking over that go7 site and they were making an insert for that exact case.