How to copy a directory structure with selected files?

Can anyone help me with this?

I am backing up our photos this weekend (or rather, doing a third backup for off site storage). I’m using an external HD that I have left over. In the process I would like to copy all the files over to my girlfriends laptop as she has problems connecting to the server where they are stored. That problem is not technical, she just can’t get her head around how to connect to the server.

I am taking photos in both JPEG and RAW format, and she does not need the RAW files as they just take up space. So what i would like to do is:

1: Copy all files from the PC they are stored on to the external HD. This is no problem.
2: Copy all JPEG files from the external HD to my girlfriends laptop, preserving the file structure and leaving the RAW files on the external HD. This is where i need a bit of help. Can anyone recommend an app for this?

Robocopy is your friend.

Try this…
Open a command window.

xcopy sourceroot*.jpg destroot /s /i

Here are some pages describing xcopy…

Thanks guys!