How to cut a chunk out of a .mov?

So I’ve got a bunch of HD footage from inside of our race car (see this thread:

The camera records the movies in .mov format. I’d like to upload some of the footage to YouTube, but each file is like 2+ hours long. What’s a simple and easy way for me to cut 10 minute chunks out of that to upload to YouTube?

I can’t seem to just copy and paste a chunk of the movie. It seems I have to re-encode and do all this other bullshit just to do something super simple. I know it has to be easier than this.

Any suggestions? :)

Edit: It now occurs to me that this should have gone in the Hardware and Technical Stuff forum, perhaps.

You can do this from inside of Quicktime PRO providing you purchased pro.

I think Quicktime X in Snow Leopard does this for free.

I have a small collection of .mov files that I may merge or mix together in various ways. I own QT Pro and I’m pretty sure it can handle that. Are there better tools for the job?

Edit: I will be doing this on a PC.

Edit 2: I really wish this thread could move to Hardware.

Hmmm, guess I should upgrade then. I tend to ignore my Mac lately, it’s a shame really.

Hey, what’s good free tool to do this to mpg and rm? I have some, uh, stuff and only want to keep the good bits.