How to Destroy Al Franken - The Nobility Project

I’ve spoken about this a few times before on Qt3. I continue to see problematic elements in the Mass Media and Liberal Media… a dark path is open before Liberals in America. Here is the solution for the destruction of that path and the walking down of a better one.

Liberals tell me that they must counter the blowhard and sinister Conservative Media with their own version. Manipulation to counter Manipulation.

There are about 1000 things wrong with this approach, but I’ll focus on one here… the American public already stands confused and ignorant… if NOONE is interested in the truth the American public will be lost. If you think America is divided NOW that’s nothing compared to how things will be if every voice, every media outlet, is a propaganda war against the opposing side.

This idea has so much traction because, quite frankly, Liberals are afraid. They are injured, tired of getting pushed around, tired of not being able to deal with the Right.

The solution is fairly simple, and need not be partisan at all. Question everything. Be skeptical. The Manipulation by the Right is child’s play. Its often not even subtle. The Media has failed dismally in getting manipulated by this.

Over the last six months, the Media has made large strides in attaining critical thought. I’ve read as many good Media pieces in that time as I had in the previous 10 years. They are an infant who has just woken up, and is heading toward the light. Lets make sure they don’t get distracted and fall onto the wrong path.

Fuck Al Franken.

One thing Franken does that I really do enjoy is knock the crap out of self-important blowhards. I can see how that would aggravate some.


Since I have always questioned everything and been skeptical, yet Al Franken still exists, it is clear that this is an inefficient means to his destruction. I propose instead that we roll him up and stuff him into a bottle and toss him into the ocean. Sendin’ out an SOB…

What, no hate for Michael Moore? :lol:

Al Franken is intelligent and amusing, thus Koontz isn’t really allowed to like him.

Before any of this really starts I have to ask if you know who he is, Brian, so we can avoid any nastiness like that American Splendor/Fiction Author thread you had. Fucking idiot.

Well, that was certainly a good way to ensure the thread avoids any nastiness, McMaster. Excellent work!

Fight fire with fire. Does anybody want to be pre-emptively called a cunt by me?

Pipe down, you pre-emptive cunt!

Once I hit the first capitalized “Manipulation” I stopped reading. Does that make me a bad person?


Of course, but doesn’t saying this count as an empt?

i will call you that word for a woman that ends in U-N-T.

you sir, are an “aunt.”

“The Nobility Project”?

Just fucking hilarious.

Once more, for the record, Brian you are a fucking idiot.

Of course, but doesn’t saying this count as an empt?[/quote]
Not if I pre-examine by asking.

“Pre-suck my genital situation.”

I’m sorry what were we talking about?

Ah yes Al Franken. I listen to him often and I’ve got no beef with him.


By reacting negatively to Koontz, you are Feeding his Frankenstein.

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