How to figure out if buying a game "used" has extra costs for content?

For instance, if I’d purchased Madden 10 used I’d have to buy DLC so I could use the on-line franchise mode (which is a pretty huge chunk of the game which would be missing). With more and more companies penalizing you for buying a game used, how do you easily figure out before-hand if the price you pay for the used game is in actuality, just your starter cost? It seems you have to do a lot of research individually to root this out. And often when looking at DLC the descriptions are rather confusing.

It would be nice if there was a master list somewhere that showed what your total extra costs would be after purchasing a game used (or does that exist somewhere?).

Note - I don’t blame publishers for this as I never liked Gamestop’s schemes.

Google [title of game you’re considering buying used] + DLC.

Wait… you don’t blame publishers for creating a system where you can’t figure out if what’s in the box is really what’s in the box? That makes no sense.

Gamestop doesn’t have any “schemes”. It’s called the First Sale Doctrine and it covers all sorts of goods, including video games. Video games are not above the law.

What does Gamestop have to do with it?

Gamestop makes a ton of money ripping developers and publishers off by (buying for a pittance and then) selling used games side by side new ones that cost $5 more.

I thought I’d heard things like having to purchase the on-franchise for used copies was a direct response to Gamestop’s reselling. ie they put the used game next to new with a $5 difference and most people opted for used.

But maybe I’m clueless reading too much forum hyperbole.

edit, kerzain posted at the same time I did.

Gamestop isn’t the only avenue for buying/selling used games – the whole one-time-use DLC codes is to encourage new software purchases across the board, not just punish Gamestop.

IE, it’s a way to discourage resale of their games. If anyone deserves to be blamed for it, it’s the publishers. (I don’t blame them though, it’s a savvy move that’s in their self-interest, and it doesn’t really bother me the way most companies are implementing it thus far)

They’re not “ripping off” anyone. It’s a free market. Once the game has been sold once new, the publisher and developer is entitled to ZERO. Yes, that means zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

No one’s getting ripped off. Not the customer. Not Gamestop and certainly not the publishers or developers.

Forget I said anything, I’m fucking up jpinard’s thread.

I think the customer is getting a little ripped off, c’mon 5 bucks off for someone’s used stuff. I don’t think so. I suppose it’s what the market will bear, but I’d rather pony up 5 bucks than get some sloppy seconds.

I do think that Gamestop precipitated the whole DLC for new copies thing by being SO aggressive in pushing used games sales.

Everytime I go into a Gamestop (other than the one they know me at), I always have to explain several times that: no, I would like a new copy please.

And then you have to explain to them that you want a sealed new copy, not one the assistant manager lent to his friend over the weekend, or a display copy.

Just because it’s not illegal doesn’t mean it isn’t a rip-off.

Ugh…too true. I’ve actually taken to telling them it’s a gift just so I don’t have to hear thier crap about how an open game is “still new.”