How to Mark Forum Read on Tapatalk for iPad?

I don’t see any options in Tapatalk for the iPad to mark a forum as read. Is it hiding somewhere or is that not an option? I see the button to do that on Tapatalk for the iPhone but not on the iPad.

Upper right corner - looks like a send icon.

That’s what I thought, but all it does is ask me if I want to add a new topic.

Maybe you need to update? You have to be logged in. The menu options for me are Refresh, New Topic, Subscribe, Mark as Read, and Open in Safari.

OK, trying again…

I’m logged in to QT3 on my iPad. Running the latest Tapatalk HD. I’ve got the list of forums on the left, selected Everything Else and it’s threads are on the right.

The upper right corner button, which on Tapatalk on my iPhone would give me the option to Mark Forum Read, only gives me the option to Create New Topic.

If I put the threads on the left and messages on the right - same thing.

OK, if I view “Topics” then the upper right button will allow me to mark all unread posts in a thread as read. But still no way to mark all threads in a forum as read.