How to play Immortality from Netflix?

My wife and I love watching mystery and crime TV shows and movies, and she is uncanny at figuring things out quickly. We saw the mystery interactive movie/game from Netflix called Immortality and we’d like to play it together on our big screen TV. But our netflix app doesn’t show it.

It says it was released for Windows, which would be fine as I could just cast it to the TV, but I cannot find it. Anyone know how to do what we’re trying to do? Thanks.

You can only play the Netflix version (and Netflix games in general) on a mobile platform – phone or tablet. For Immortality specifically, the controls require you to have a touchscreen interface, and be able to pinch and stretch to zoom, that sort of stuff.

I’m not sure (and we’d need someone more tech-smart than me!) to know if there’s a way to cast that from your phone or tablet.

Thanks. I’ll download it and see if there’s a cast option.

I haven’t played the computer version, but I found the gesture controls atrocious and saved my play through for a better medium.

If there isn’t a specific option in the game, there should be a way to mirror your device screen to the TV in the OS - on iOS, there’s a ‘Screen Mirroring’ widget you can use in the control centre, and I believe there’s something similar you can set up on Android. Worth a try, anyway.

(And to second @Left_Empty 's point, I found it best played with a controller.)

Thanks. It appears I can mirror my iPhone screen with Airplay on our 65” Sony Bravia TV.

I hear you on controls but in spite of then saying it would be on Windows it apparently is only on mobile. So no controller options I assume.

The concept is right up our alley. Is there anything like this on PS5?

It’s available to buy on Steam, and also on Gamepass. For similar games, you could look at Sam Barlow’s previous ones - I think Telling Lies is on PS5 (but I haven’t played this yet). Her Story is pretty great - I don’t think that’s on PS5, but it is on Steam / iOS / Android.

Very cool that you were able to find a way to make it work! Immortality is easily my favorite game of 2022, and definitely one of my top 10 games of the 2000s.

What counts as a Netflix game here? I know my nephew plays the Netflix Minecraft game on an ordinary smart TV.

i can’t answer that, but I can tell you your ordinary sounds quite extraordinary to me!

Netflix has interactive experiences that work on most smart TV apps. Basically choose your own adventure stuff. Minecraft on Netflix is an adaptation of the Telltale adventure game with all the graphics prerendered as video.

They have also started releasing full mobile games available only on iOS and Android. They’ve been signing smart deals for the exclusive mobile rights to stuff like Immortality, Into the Breach, and TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.

You should check out those things called “computers”. It’s gonna change your life.

Yeah, Netflix on mobile platforms has a “Games” tab, and the selection of stuff there is better than you might expect – and it’s included in a Netflix subscription.

Now, how various games play requiring a touchscreen interface is another matter, perhaps. But they’re there.

Mobile has pretty good support for pairing major bluetooth controllers.

Thank you for taking the time to explain stuff for backward people such as me, good sir.

It is? They make it sound like the only option is mobile. I can easily cast my laptop screen - I’ll try that. Thanks

Yep, Steam and also Gamepass for PC.