how to pronounce chipotle?








sorry i should have done a poll but didn’t know how. seeing that cheeto hitler has settled piece in north korea i thought i’d start up another divisive topic that needed settling.

actually, i am arguing how this word is pronounced with a french canadian coworker.

My favorite way to mispronounce it to bug people is


Two syllables, rhymes with boat.

As in the Deep Space 9 guy?


That’s Voyager you god damned philistine.

Yeah, back then, that commercial was my first exposure to that word. That seems unbelievable now that it’s so ubiquitous.

chi (sounds like shiv, not like shy) pot (rhymes with goat, not with hot) lay

Oh lord, now I’m seeing a parody where Janeway keeps calling him Chipotle.

Tabasco makes the best chipotle hot sauce. I know it’s very downmarket and Guy Fieriesque of me to like something like a supermarket hotsauce, but damn is it delicious. Much better than any artisanal brand or even those I’ve imported from Mexico. I buy it by the half-gallon from Amazon and pour it into plastic squeeze bottles. That lasts a good year.

Somehow this ended up in another thread, but:

I was hoping this would settle it, but instead, these are terrible:

The spanish / Chile one is the correct pronunciation, in my mind.

The english one pronounces as chi-pote-ly, which is terrible, and the Northern California one (chi-pot-lee) is even worse.

cheh poat lay

Though my wife’s father says cheh pol tay


(I kid I kid)

From the halls of Montezuma
To the shores of chi-pot-lee


That’s MOCtezuma, you bad pronouncer!

Incidentally, I feel like it’s usually not worth the trouble trying to pronounce foreign words correctly here in the U.S., unless you are talking to native speakers of the relevant language (and even then they are probably just likely to roll their eyes). You end up getting a lot of weird looks because people think you’re being pretentious. We don’t call Paris ‘Paree,’ and if you try to say ‘Vincent Van Goff’ or whatever, you’re in danger of creating an unbearably awkward social situation.