How to Sell It: Game Marketing 101

Seems like a subject ripe for discussion. To kick things off…

What is this game selling? You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Some kind of Kardashian-like dress-em up game where you dress up your sniper?

Did you upgrade your gfx card drivers for JigglePhysycx™? You’d be an ass* to risk it.

Another eg

Super Bowl ad from 5 years ago

I thought this was going to be the one I’ve been seeing all the time recently which on the face of it purports to be some weird pervy mashup of the Sims and Hitman but also clearly isn’t real footage.

Coming at this from a different side, I remember this ad:

It was very controversial inside Blizzard at the time. We saw another ad which was more gameplay focused. All of the employees seemed to like that one best.

They decided on this one because it drew non-players in to discover more about the game. Not sure it really did that, but it’s an interesting bit of marketing history.

  1. Who cares

  2. Niiiicccceee

  3. Microtransactions!

That’s an awesome memory, thanks for sharing!

For my money, they made ultimately the right choice. A broadcast ad like that is going to hit a way wider audience. You absolutely should be focusing on low-info new demand generation, not convincing people who already know about PC RPGs.

Fuck, I hate marketing. Screw you for making me relive the bad old brand manager days! shakes fist

Everyone knows you clench your ass cheeks when you pull the trigger on a sniper rifle. FAKE!

Why? Will poop come out otherwise?

Yes. A lot.



I guess in Mobile Gaming Years we are right now in the late 1990s, early 2000s. (It works sort of like Dog Years.)

Wow. And why is one $10 less than the other?