How to Start Your Own Cult and Other Good Advice

Between wikigroaning, “Citation Needed” and the legendary monopoly on power wielded by its leading editors, Wikipedia gets a lot of flack on these forums. I’d just thought that it’s a shame nobody mentions the gems on wikihow, such as these:

How to Start Your Own Cult

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This atheism versus religion business is starting to bore me. Did you guys hear that some atheists, not content with the term, “Secular Humanist,” want to refer to themselves as, “Brights?”

There needs to be a third classification for people who don’t have time for this shit. Well, time beyond that required for to make fun of the entire discussion.

The Brights thing was more about the supernatural/paranormal than anything else, and thus wasn’t exactly secular humanism.

People like labels and making tiny little boxes to exactly describe themselves. Look at the thousands of tiny denominations of Christianity.

Or techno music.

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It’s only a bad idea because it’s so much easier to disprove intelligence than devoutness.

Well, that and it sounds like the self-appointed title of a bunch of UFO cultists that assign themselves numbers and wander around in matching robes and Nike trainers.

Also, if you’re a gay secular humanist, even your friends start calling you Rainbow Brite, and that’s just no good at all.

Exactly. The Brights aren’t really Atheists, because they don’t necessarily not believe in the Nicaean Creed.

See there is the problem. You can be more than one “thing” at a time. I am an atheist and a humanist. I am also white and Irish. The Brights movement was not atheism OR secular humanism, it was (is? I have no idea if they’re still going on) something more specific than that. They should have used a better word, and it may have taken root.

If we need a term for people who don’t believe in astrology, ghosts, numerology, healing magnets, homeopathy and all the rest I find that “not a fucking moron” works quite well. No need for new words.

Be that as it may, let’s at least be accurate in our derision.

This one is a great time waster:

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