How to Stop Trump from Winning


Hello Qt3,

As an Australian I feel like I have just as much to lose from Trump winning than many of you who live inside the US. Unlike you, I have literally zero ability to influence the result (nor should I). There’s been alot of fatalism in posts lately, statements like “Biden can’t win”, “Trump is going to win”, “Trump is probably going to win” that scare me. The demographic of this board is one of well educated, thoughtful, and generally advocates for democracy. If you guys have lost all hope, then what hope does an African American living in a poor community who has to wait 5 hours in line to vote on election day and sees white idiots with guns roaming around voting areas?

You all need to remember that the outcome has not yet been determined, and YOU have the ability to make a difference in the election. We are all smart enough to know that while one person’s actions on the margin will not change the outcome, if enough people believe that and let it influence their behaviour then this attitude certainly will change the outcome of the election for the worse. Fatalism is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You not only vote, you interact with other voters everyday, you have the legal capacity to contribute money to campaigns, and perhaps most importantly of all you can volunteer your time, effort, charm, and intelligence to the cause of stopping Trump.

Point of the post (TLDR):

I want this thread to be a place where people can post ways for an individual to influence the election in some way.

Someone (sorry forgot who, but they deserve credit!) posted this lovely initiative in one of the threads:

Turns out handwriting a postcard is much more productive than doomscrolling, discussing Biden’s faults, or bemoaning the possible future of living under the bootheels of Trump’s GOP! That’s something everyone can do.

Does anyone else have suggestions on programs like this, or the most effective ways for people to volunteer their time to help GOTV, or ways to determine which are the most effective campaigns to donate money towards?

Please share them here! I can even keep a running list of websites and articles to help people make a difference on the first replied post.

Thanks for your time and good luck out there.

Current list of websites/articles that can help you make a difference:

Handwrite Postcards:

Volunteering with the Biden campaign (posted by legowarrior in the election thread):

Cook ratings on 2024 House Races (if any of these are in your state, you could volunteer for the D candidate!):

Blog post about how to make a difference in 2024:

Meme to save democracy:

[Hopefully much more to come]

My chick did the postcards.

While you were doing her?

That won’t stop Trump from winning, and if he wins, he might want to make sure he can do anyone he wants in the whole world without consequence. Melania wouldn’t care anyway…

Sir, this is Kentucky.

And my Utah! /Gimli

It sure would be nice if voting mattered in more than five or six states in Presidential elections.

EWWWW we don’t do that nasty stuff you sicko

Theres still alot that you can do even when your vote on election day has the impact of a wet sponge.

For instance, that postcard initiative isnt for your neighbours =)

True, but I’m left handed and have been on the keyboard for 40 years, have you seen my penmanship?!

Hey, so am I, but despite that handicap I still think it’s generally a nice idea to participate in democracy rather than simply observe it.

I tried to see if there were any competitive house races in Kentucky but it looks like there isn’t =(

Added a couple more links to the second post of relevant things if anyone is interested.

200 seems like a lot…

Fantastic idea for a thread @Tim_N. Time to take all this anxiety and frustration and put it to useful purpose, rather than just stewing in it.

I think you have to log into BlueSky to see this, but the idea is, if you’re creative, especially in graphic design, there’s a project to dive into Project 2025 and bring how awful it is to the electorate… in meme form!

Yeah a sign-in is required, but Ive added it to the list for everyone that uses bluesky. Meme to save democracy!