How to take screenshots for the 20:20 Frame Game.

I’m putting this here so that others can find it without scrolling through the entire 20:20 game to get help.

The anti-capture technology on most of the current streaming platforms is now incorporated into watching the browsers as well. Firefox (updated) is the lone holdout at this time but that may not hold forever.

Additional help here:

Also running a VM with a browser window works as it separates the entire browser and OS from the screen-grabbing of the parent OS.

Feel free to post tips and other methods here if you know of any.

Just adding that I’ve tried the Sandboxie workaround and it seems fantastic. This was from Netflix (The Departed) shot with Chrome browser. I realize this isn’t a fix for all platforms, but for now it works.

Thank you! That was driving me crazy.

No worries. This battle has gotten worse recently for sure. I’m assuming browsers are getting pressure from the content makers.