Fun new trailer for it. I didn’t see another topic for this one just yet. And yes, this one of the movies where I adore a lot of the soundtrack too.


Yeah that has me excited. The first two were very good.

Even watched some of the tv shows with my son.


I’m cautiously optimistic. The second movie pissed me off royally. Hopefully this will be better.


I would like a dragon.


These versions of dragons are basically large cats with wings that you can ride. What’s not to like!


I know, almost as disappointing as Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. And yet the first ones were so great!


I’ve actually not seen either of those.

But with HTTYD…it got to me man. It’s tied with Hot Fuzz as my all-time favorite movie.

I’ve watched it about 100 times.

I’ve watched the show.

I went to the LIVE SHOW. Which was amazing by the way, but I was the biggest child there.

Two people, separately, gave me Toothless piggy banks for the same occasion.

I have about 15 other Toothless, including a Build-a-bear version.

So I’m super invested in this.

And yet I’m still so, so, so angry at the second movie. Yes, sure, they killed Stoic. That suuuuuuuucked.

But what they did to the mother was even worse.

So this third movie has…some work ahead of it, in my eyes.



Yeah, I know, sorry…just heavily invested is all.


I thought the first one was fun. The second was an overbloated battle bore-fest. This looks sappy, formulaic, tired, and strangely, judging by the music, targetting aging mid-western moms.


This is what you picked up from the music? That’s talent!


wow, some harsh reactions to this animated franchise. I enjoyed and own both movies. Hiccups mom being tiny was my only real disappointment with 2.


My kid’s response? “Geez, I already know how to train my dragon after all this.” (2 movies and a TV show)




She’s not just tiny, she’s this bad-ass dragon trainer with an entire LEGION of dragons to back her up.

Until the men folk show up, at which time she needs a’rescuin’, then is fine to just become simply Hiccup’s stay-at-home mom.


From Mom to Marm in about 1 1/2 hours. Which is fine if it’s a logical story progression, but it sure as heck wasn’t to me.


I still enjoyed the movie, but I was disappointed with how small mom was, remember Stoic’s remark about their helms? I focus on the dragons mostly. The people beyond Hiccup are just dressing.

Hopefully 3 does more for you!


Heh, not a bad way to look at it, actually.

Bring on all the Toothless!


No one else watched this? Went in to watch this with my two boys today.

It’s not a perfect film by any means. I would have liked more - more depth to the villain (especially because its the best villain of the series, unless you count the dad as the antagonist in the first), more development of the side characters, more time spent exploring the world of the movies, but at the end of the day, HTTYD is the story of Hiccup and Toothless and like the prior films, the focus of the film is them and their friendship (and in this film - very much Toothless. If you love Toothless, this is the film of the franchise for you). Sure - all of the minor characters get their small moments (including Valka who is better in this movie than in 2, despite getting much less screen time), but they’re all still very much dressing, as Nesrie says. The core - the conclusion to the coming of age story of Hiccup and Toothless - is great, and in that respect this is pretty much as near to a perfect end to the trilogy as one can expect to get.

I won’t say it’s the best HTTYD film - too soon to compare for me - but the 10+ years of experience they’ve had with the Dragons franchise really shows, and the cinematography is easily the best in the series. Visually stunning.

Both the boys (6 and 10) loved this. If you loved the first film, I would say you absolutely need to see the finale. Off-hand, I can’t think of many franchises - live-action or animated - that’ve managed to end on a note as strong as this one.

How do we have a HTTYD thread, without a link to the Kit Harrington audition tape for an “Untitled Fantasy TV Drama”?


Oh, man, you got me all excited to run out to the theater this weekend and see it. I was thinking “How did I miss this was coming out this weekend?” Turns out, it’s Feb 22 in the US.