Really? So used to being 1-3 months behind on these family/kid movies (e.g., Wreck-it Ralph 2 which isn’t out for another couple of weeks), that I didn’t even consider this.

Well, that explains the near radio-silence.

I won’t say much more then, lest I accidentally spoil something. It’s batting a 100% from the first 12 reviews on RT though, so it looks like I won’t be totally off target in recommending this one


I’ll see this, but I’m not excited about it. The first movie is in my top favorite films ever, the second made me so angry that I’ve not even touched the TV shows as a result.


It’s on the list. I will definitely see this soonish.


I caught a U.S. sneak preview of the film last weekend with my kids. We all loved it. Damn the critics. The pacing is a little uneven, and a bunch of the core crew (e.g. Snotlaut, Fishlegs, and Tuffnet) are reduced to bit parts of comic relief, but it’s a fun movie.


Glad to hear it. I’m so hoping it’s better than the second movie.


Well it doesn’t feature the only black character in the entire franchise as the bad guy, so there’s that.


Glad to hear that I’m not the only one. And yes - it would have been nice to see the other riders as more than just comic relief - but it’s a difficult balance to hit in a kid’s movie. Judging by how often their antics drew laughs from my kids, I can’t say they were wrong to make the choice they did, even if it might grate a bit on adults. My elder boy happily went in to see it again with friends.


I really looved the first movie and saw it twice at the cinema, while the second one was pretty much a disappointment. The first half was fine, but the whole battle / alpha male / villain storyline just didn’t work for me. Hadn’t rewated that movie since the release 5 years ago and gave it another go last night in prep for part 3 and it still didn’t click with me, so my expectations going in to part 3 are dialed back accordingly.

Haven’t watched any trailers, so no clue where they are taking the storyline. Hopefully it’ll be closer to part one and end up the trilogy in a harmonious way.