How to trasfer photos from my iPhone to my computer?

My company just upgraded my iPhone to a 6s. (Here’s a tip when you’re buying a new cool Spriggen case - there’s a 6s Plus and it is a lot larger and when the case shows up from Amazon and you’re trying to put your new 6s in it - it’s too big! Duh!)

Doing the iTunes backup with intent to restore, got the instructions on how to deactivate the old phone, etc. BUT - when I look at my photo stream, and my phone is set to upload all my photos to it, there are only about 275 of my 640 photos on it. And unlike the Android,you can’t just use the phone as a USB device and move or copy photos to the computer.

In iTunes, when I click on the “Photos” button under my phone, it just says my phone can access photos in iCloud. There is no “Photos” button under the “My device.” Why in the heck Apple has decided to make photos so top secret… argh.

Anyway - I just want to manually download all the photos on my phone to my computer. Then when I activate my new phone, I want to choose which photos to put on the new phone.

EDIT: When I go to iCloud with my browser, all the photos are there. Not sure why they aren’t automatically stored in the My Photo Stream folders on my PC. But the iCloud site is a slow pain in the rear to use for this, so need an alternative.

What’s the best way to do this as straightforwardly as possible. I’m willing to pay for a program that does this very well. ?

I would think if you did an icloud backup from the old phone and when you setup the new phone you restore that backup to the new one, you should get all the photos.

However, when digging around for this, I found an Apple help page. Does any of this apply to you?

The page was here.

Yep -

I sign in there and it shows all my photos. But it is a royal pia to use.

Hmmm. Well, our IT instructions were to do the backup to iCloud and then restore from there. I just assumed that was because they assumed most of our employees didn’t set up their phones and back up their phones on iTunes. I prefer to have the backup on my laptop (at least, have it on both.)

I must have missed something because that’s how I transfered photos off my iPhones for the past 5 years. I just plug them in USB, browse to the photo folder and move them to a folder on the PC (usually sorted by month/year). I also have them backing up to OneDrive since I have a lot of space there.

Is there something you’re doing differently?

I just plug the charging cord to my laptop. The iPhone shows up as a drive. Navigate to the folder on the phone and copy away.

Yep, I get photos from my iPhone on Windows the same as with any other camera. Plug the phone into the PC using the USB charging cable, and then right click the phone from Windows Explorer and use one of the options to transfer photos. If the pics are on the phone (as opposed to being shared from iCloud or something, you can transfer them to your PC).

I use Dropbox to transfer photos to my PC. Too lazy to use USB.

I suggest using Google Photos. Truly an extraordinary app and integrated service. They let you upload unlimited photos and videos up to 16MP and 1080p and store them forever.

In my opinion, it’s Google’s best app, and that includes gmail. It does all kinds of cool stuff with collections, sharing, identifying faces and grouping them together, etc. And of course you can set it to automatically sync to the cloud from your phone when on wifi.

To mass-download, just select the media you want (by collection, person’s face, or date) then click the download button on the top right, and your browser downloads as a zip file.

When I look in the DCM or whatever folder that is, there are about 5 of my 640 photos. Hmmm.

OK - doing the same with my new 6s (did the backup and restore from iCloud) I do see about 300 folders, each with 1 or two photos. That would be a pain but for pure safe backup, doable.

I’m thinking I must have had some iCloud storage option for the photos that made them not show up in the folders; whatever it is, they are in those folders. I’d still prefer to have a simple program that let me ctrl-click and drag/move etc. and manage them easier than iCloud.

I’ve got Google Photos; I need to take the time to figure out how to get it to synch like iCloud (very handy having the photos automatically synch on my phone and iPad. If I delete a photo from Google Photos will it delete it from my devices also?

Oh - and I assume when I’m looking at my photos on my phone using the Google Photos app its actually just looking at my “Photos” and not making a second copy of all of them on the phone? And lastly - any conflicts between having iCloud for my photos synch on and Google Photos on?


iCloud only maintains x days/weeks/months of photos.

At least you’re not alone. Apparently it’s a common enough issue (although I haven’t experienced it yet, must be something I’m doing differently). Regardless, a quick search yields this advice:

If you have Windows, don’t use Windows Explorer. For XP use the Camera and Scanner Wizard, for Windows 7 and later, use Import pictures and videos. Here are the full instructions from Windows Help:

How do I get pictures from my camera to my computer?

Here’s one common way to copy pictures and video clips from your digital camera to your computer:

[li]Connect the camera to your computer by using the camera’s USB cable.
[/li]> [li] Turn on the camera.
[/li]> [li] In the AutoPlay dialog box that appears, click Import pictures and videos using Windows.
[/li]> [li] (Optional) To tag the pictures, type a tag name in the Tag these pictures (optional) box.
[/li]> [li] By default, the folder name includes the date the pictures and videos are imported and the tag name.
[/li]> [li] Click Import.
[/li]> [li] A new window opens and shows the imported pictures and videos.
[/li]> [/ul]

Thought I’d suggest it if you haven’t already found/tried these sorts of things. Glad I can still dump my photos the old fashioned way.

For some reason I don’t get Autoplay popping up when I plug in my new phone. Wonder why?

Well, even though I can’t get autoplay to work for my new iPhone 6s (and did all of the stuff I could find via Google) it turns out you can simply go to Computer and find the iPhone under portable devices, and a right click gives the import photos option. And thanks, this way you can indeed do the dump with a tag without going into each of the hundreds of folders.

It does not allow you to select individual pics to move/copy but it does give a nice backup dump option.

In going through all of this, I’ve also found a program called Syncios that is free and allows you to select the photos you want to export. It will only import a folder and not selected photos, however,


You can reset your AutoPlay options in Windows. Check into that. The other option is the Apple driver wasn’t installed properly and you may need to uninstall it from Device Manager, reboot and reinstall.