How unstable is your system (Vista index!)

Type “monitor” in the Vista program search box and open the Reliability and Performance Monitor.

Open the Reliability Monitor under monitoring tools on the right side, and see what the Reliability Index at the most recent date.

Mine is a dismal 2.93. Part of which is due, i’m sure since it shows up over and over, to HL2 “crashing” every time i exit a game of TF2.

After an update to Windows Vista on 12/18, and adding an ATI 4850, my cumulative stability index drops from an average of about 6.5 to, by the end of December, a 2.81. The lowest index registered was on 2/20 with a horrible 1.76.

Part of this also seems to due to an unspecified hardware problem causing hard locks, blue screens of death, boot failures, and other issues that seems either heat or power related.

This is a home built computer.

6.42 in a Dell + 4850.
I also get the TF2 “crash” on exit, but that’s the only ding against me I think

That’s pretty awful. Mine’s 9.44 at the moment, and generally stays high. I’m not sure how useful it is, though – the single worst reading I have is 6.15, and that’s from a day when a Firefox beta died four times; it was 7.64 the day before that, and even that was from the Firefox beta dying.

If running buggy apps makes your system look less stable, well, that’s not really fair. I didn’t expect a Firefox beta to not crash, you know?

8.27 on my year-and-a-half old homebuilt. I have no idea what that means, but I assume higher is better.

7.27 for my Vista computer on 3/3. A high of 7.67 and a low of 4.41 on 2/17, caused by HP printer drivers that fail once in a while after a Windows update and crash the print spooler subsytem, which I fix by reinstalling them amid much cursing and hoo-hah. It’s like a tradition now.

I also have a 4850, FWIW.

My highest is 10.0 on 1/10/29. Current is 8.5 because of a buggy uninstaller and the TQ editor crashing (I finally fired it up after having the game for 2+ years).

Heh, the lowest is 4.77 when Age of Conan was crashing all the frickin’ time.

Home-built machine, GTX 260 Core 216, Core 2 Duo, etc.

Currently 8.07, down from a high of 9.96 thanks to a recent BSOD (one of only two I’ve had since the OS install in September) and Fallout 3/GFWL not cooperating with Xfire. The lowest is 5.91 from when GTA:SA crashed three times in a single day on me.

It’s a system I’d consider rock stable otherwise, as most of the problems have been compatibility issues with older games rather than flaky hardware

My Windows 7 x64 system is all over the map on the reliaibility index, but this is because I do a lot of development on this box and every time my in-development code hits an exception and crashes this counts against the index.

In real world terms, this system is super reliable. I haven’t seen a blue screen in, like, years, I guess… I was running Vista x64 prior to switching to Win7 x64 beta.

Yeah, I initially had tons of problems after switching to ATI from Nvidia. I found turning off Aero/transparency stopped the bulk of BSOD’s, but it seems like every card has different triggers. You can try searching for some common solutions to the problem.

Currently at 7.34 but usually above 8. I got a few crashes on Defense Grid and the Empire: TW demo that depressed the score.

8.36. Mostly due to “disruptive shutdown”, the last one because my UPS has completely failed and the one before that because of a power outage. Time for a new UPS.

Mine is miserable 2.99 and that is because of Team Fortress 2. Every time I quit the game, I get the ‘hl2.exe has stopped’ error.

3.53 on my laptop baby, all due to the fact that I’ve been playing Puzzle Quest Galactrix a ton lately and it has the charming habit of crashing every 45 minutes or so.

The day before PQG was released, my rating was 9.65.

Mine has been running a solid 10.0 for the past two weeks. The lowest it has ever dipped, back on 6/22/08 was 5.1


Because of save scumming in DF, Mount and Blade’s graphical enhancement pack that crashes on exit, and Esets debacle of BSODing my system with their v4 upgrade patch (which also nuked my Eset Nod 32 installation)

My laptop is at 8.31. It was at a two-month high of 9.31 on 1 March but it’s been shutting down abruptly due to heat issues. Time to clean out the heatsink and get a new laptop cooler, since I doubt WoW is going to randomly uninstall itself.

5.4. Firefox and Zoom Player keeps hanging on me, thus the lousy index.

It’s a low, low 8.68 at the moment, because Eve crashed recently. Yesterday it was 9.45.

8.88 most of my crashes are actually with firefox. I guess I leave it up too long and overload it(QLive + million pages open).

5.05 mainly because I was playing KOTOR2 last week and it keeps crashing about once an hour. Before that I was at 9.10. Almost everything of note is due to games crashing, including a lot of the “XXX has stopped working” when I exit certain games problem. Other than that everything is clean other then two power outage caused “incorrect shutdown” incidents.