How We Roll (CBS) - Cinderella Story from the Factory to the Lanes

CBS has a new show starting tonight, March 31st, at 9:30/8:30c based on the life of Tom Smallwood, laid off auto factory worker here in nearby Saginaw, MI that decides to take a risk and become a professional bowler.

I have no idea if the show will be good, but Tom is a good friend of mine so I wanted to at least make people aware of it! It sounds like it has at least a well known and decent cast and writers, so hopefully it will become a success for at least a little while. There is a lot of excitement around here because of it.

Tom is a super likable guy in real life, down to earth and humble and extremely talented. They have been trying to get his story as a movie or show for quite some time and with it being a comedy I am not sure how it will be received. Hopefully it will be a good fit!

Myself, being a close to pro level bowler with pro level knowledge of the game, the trailers make me cringe horribly, but maybe it will find a niche with some people and the family atmosphere I believe they are trying to put forth will carry it through.

Hey, I’ve heard this mentioned on recent PBA broadcasts – cool to see it’s really happening.

The real Tom Smallwood has a curious delivery but it certainly seems to work for him.

Oh yeah, he sure does! Probably one of the few that still have the track roll between the fingers and thumb hole (used to be called a full roller - more of an old school delivery). He has to have unusual drilling setups for his balls.

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