$$$$ - How Will You Spend Your Money This November?

Lots of toys/games/gadgets are coming out this November. How will you spend your hard earned cash pre-Christmas season?

Nintendo Wii + Wii Games.

On film processing, darkroom work, and custom framing. The photo bug has bitten me again.

Fuck Starwars!

I’m thinking it’s going to be either the new version of Cubase or an Xbox 360 and Gears of War.

Question for you, Roger: I’ve got some slides from the 1940s and 1930s. How difficult do you think it would be to make 8x10 or larger prints out of those without the original negatives?

Guitar Hero 2, Gears of War, and the gamecube Zelda if it’s in stock anywhere.

I’ve already spent it.

Games for the 360 and pc.

And a PS3 if I could find one. Probably good for me that I won’t.

My wife and I are ceasing to become Luddites and getting Tivo, finally.

Weird. This should have included a poll listing:

a) A Wii Console with Big-Fun Games
b) A PS3 and Games/Blue-Ray Movies
c) 360 Games - Gears of War, Crackdown, R6, Double Agent, etc.
d) Screw games. I’m saving money for iTV
e) Screw iTV, apple and iPods - Zune gets my money
f) Screw consoles. I’m getting some PC love
g) Screw tech. I’m investing in my future. All goes to my 401k
h) Just screw. I’m getting hookers and beer
i) I’m screwed. What money?
j) Your brilliant thought/my oversight here


It won’t be, because it doesn’t come out until December.

A couple 360 games, but mostly gifts for other people since I’m not a greedy bastard.


The problem here is I still don’t know enough about the new consoles to pick games. For example Raving Rabbids sounds interesting, but it could still very much suck, same as Red Steel. The PS3 is a big ol fat question mark. I know I want it (HD sucka here) but I doubt I will be able to get my hands on one this year. Now toss in a few 360 games, a few PS2 games, and of course the PC with titles like NWN, Might & Magic, Gothic 3 and um… yeh. It’s going to be expensive.

Seriously. Can you stop with the console wars threads? I’m not trying to steal Jon R’s title of Most Unvalued Asshole but you keep asking the same questions over and over and over and over. You have essentially taken on Troi’s role as QT3’s Most Unnecessarily Redundant Person Ever. This is a console wars thread in disguise and you know it.

Geez, Jake. It’s like you’re on a plain free from all obstruction of conscience. “Do you think people will like this thread, Jake?” “OHBUTOFCOURSE.”

Met_K, please rest assured that I don’t own or operate black helicopters; I don’t have a weather-making machine squirreled away; and I didn’t start this thread to “secretly” spur an-all-out, no-holds-barred console wars thread.

Wii + NWN2 (if it’s Nov it’s coming out…is it November?..I lost track somewhere)

Yeah, discussions about which upcoming games or console systems are worth buying have no place in a games discussion forum.

You’re hard hitting on that hyperbole lately, Gary. Have you happened to completely ignore how Jake has asked this question at least two-dozen times by now?