$$$$ - How Will You Spend Your Money This November?

Porn and sex toys^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HLEGO STAR WARS 2… !!!

Good god, I’ll be going broke.

PS3 bundle, likely $1000
Wii w/ stuff, likely $500
at least 5 360 games, $300
at least 5 PC games, $200

Eyeballs exploding with gaming goodness?


Unfortunately the upcoming PS3 kicked Garys dog and raped his mother (he wrote a play about it) so he gladly jumps in any thread where he can get a chance to call the console and those who are interested in it ‘retards’.

Christ almighty GrinR, when are you going to find time to play all that?

He is going to use the time that the rest of us spend watching the news. As he has done, and will continue to do.

Yeah you can tell he’s too stupid to watch the news based on the fact that he’s planning to buy a PS3, which is the gaming choice for retards.

I started 24 threads on console wars? Weird. And here I thought I started threads on Lieberman vs. Lamont, Amazon’s Unbox, Wii videos/Predictions, PS3 images/Predictions, 360s BC, Jon Bonet’s “Killer” being caught and Star Wars coming to TV.

And this thread is really just a variation on an often asked question here: What are you looking forward to? The twist is that these are titles/products/services people have enough faith in that they already know that they’re buying it!

“How are you ever to have time if you do not make time?”

I have no idea. I still have about 5 360 games in the shrink wrap from the bundle I bought at launch. That said, there are good times when I have low activity at work and I’ll get a good 5 hours a day to blow on the games season. Hopefully I’ll get one of those around Nov/Dec.

Yeah, you got that monopoly on truth I keep hearing about. Leave the zingers to Tom, plz KTHXBYE.

The Burning Crusade (assuming November actually is the month of release). That will absorb all of my available gaming time, saving me hundreds of dollars on new consoles and extended warranties on the launch versions. Even if it doesn’t come out, I will hold off on spending hundreds of dollars on new consoles and extended warranties, since they will sit unplayed when TBC comes out.

Hey, we’ll be broke together, subtract 4 PC games, add 4 ps2 games, and seriously consider an HDTV, although that will probably be after Christmas.

I have a lot of disposable income. It’s not really a big expense for me, so why not? I made the mistake of not pre-ordering my 360 and had to wait for a month before I finally got one online by pure luck. I’d prefer to dodge that experience, my time being better spend on playing games (see above).

I won’t be able to keep my hands off my wii come November.

Punchline goes here.

My advice? Skip the PS3 and get yourself the HDTV. You do have the 360, right? Yes. HDTV first, then PS3.

I have no interest in the Wii at all, but I’m buying it based on my not being interested in the DS either - and being dead-fucking-wrong about that. I heart DS now.


Uh… yeah. This question may not apply to you, since it implies having to make tough choices - and clearly you’re not in that position.

Two grand? Meh, that’s a month’s disposable income.

  1. I will buy my 2nd PS2 game ever: Guitar Hero 2.

  2. Call of Duty 3. That is, if the 360 I get in return for my soon-to-be-replaced-under-extended-warranty 360 is completely unfrozen and free of red lights at the time.

A good HDTV will cost more than a PS3.

NWN2, Burning Crusade, Zelda(GC).