How would you feel about a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino?

Not a hypothetical! According to Deadline, apparently he is in talks with J.J. Abrams about the possibility of working on a Star Trek film, directed by Tarantino himself. Of course this wouldn’t begin until after his next film, about the Charles Manson murders, wraps up. But still - what an idea huh?

I say . . . Fuck Yeah!

Why not? Get his take on a variety of movies as far as I’m concerned. Let him do a Marvel movie next.

Sure. If they can throw the f-bomb around on Discovery, why not a few n-words?

If he’s really planning to stick to his two more films before retiring from directing plan, I would be seriously disappointed if he worked on a big franchise like Star Trek rather than his own stuff. He briefly considered doing a Bond film (Casino Royal with Pierce Brosnan in the lead) a decade ago before deciding the producers wouldn’t trust him enough to do his thing.

Tarantino’s next movie is rumored to incorporate the Manson murders to some some degree.

“Set in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969, Tarantino’s upcoming movie focuses on a male TV actor who’s had one hit series and is looking for a way to get into the film business. His sidekick—who’s also his stunt double—is looking for the same thing. The horrific murder of Sharon Tate and four of her friends by Charles Manson’s cult of followers serves as a backdrop to the main story.”

Count me as the first no.

I’ll be a second. No thank you to a Star Trek from him.

Trek’s been pretty much dead to me since the first Abrams film, so they can do whatever they want with it. Although I’d say Star Wars is a world Quentin could mesh with better.

Now I can’t get Sam Jackson from Pulp Fiction as Obi Wan out of my head.

Years ago I actually brought up Tarantino as an example of someone who could do Star Trek better than JJ Abrams. Abrams tries to rip off old stuff but doesn’t get it at all and fails miserably. Tarantino rips off stuff like trashy Japanese action movies from the 1970s and makes them better than the original.

But my ideal choice is for no one to make any more Star Trek. It made sense in the early-to-mid 1960s and early-to-mid 1990s, but the values behind those old shows are not shared by anyone today.

Sure but get rid of the:

-shakey cam n blurry lights
-ship interior that looks like a hospital interior
-swashbuckling captain (add an older badass like Adama from Battlestar Galactica)
-screaming half Vulcan(add a colder, slightly autistic maybe, funny ish, mix of Spock n Data)

Focus more on concepts that have evolved in science fiction since the early 90s (less time travel, less all out wars, less black n white moral issues, more AI, augmented reality, androids/cyborgs, effects of space on the human mind).

Do that n then add Tarantino’s bantering and it will be glorious!

I’d feel great, and I’d go see it. I’m sure it’d be a great film, not sure it’d be great Star Trek, but a great film.

Have you guys seen an interview where he talks on what such a movie could be? He speaks of episodes that could support being expanded into a proper movie, actually knows the plot of the TNG episode where Tasha goes back in time with the previous Enterprise to help fight the Romulans, yeah, I think chances are the movie would be in good hands.

I’d watch it… although it’d be super weird.

All of Tarantino’s movies have a similar feel in a lot of ways. I feel like he was inspired by Sergio Leone, but I have no idea if he was.

And I dunno how that kind of film would translate to Star Trek. But I like all his movies, so I’d totally watch it.

I’m honestly not much of a Tarantino fan. The first Kill Bill’s alright in a guilty pleasure sort of ultraviolence way, along with the back half of Inglorious Basterds, but in general, his peculiar style of dialogue, stylized hyperviolence, and ultra-dreary subject matter done up with even more weird stylization just routinely turn me off. He’s also got a penchant for writing “intense” scenes that make me unreasonably nervous and suck enjoyment out of the film for me–e.g., the opening “interrogation” scene in Inglorious Basterds.

I’m sure he’d make an interesting Tarantino movie with Trek trappings. . . but I mean, if it were down between him and someone who could make an interesting Star Trek movie, well, I’m for the latter every time.

Reservoir Dogs is awesome.

I’m thinking about it and I think Kill Bill was the last Tarantino’s movie I saw. Certainly missed Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained and Hateful Eight, though I keep meaning to see that last one. Guess I’m way behind the times.

As for me, I guess my perspective at this (very early) point would be intrigued. I am sure Tarantino can divert his normal quirks into an established universe like Trek, though I must admit I wonder why he would want to. There would have to be some loss of creative control by necessity. Still, I’d definitely go see it, day one.

Why not a Star Trek film featuring Charles Manson?

I don’t think a Tarantino Trek movie would necessarily be Tarantino-esque. He’s directed a bit of TV and for the most part his work there is indistinguishable from the normal tone of the shows.

Sure, I mean you know what you’re getting when you bring on someone like Tarantino. What I’m saying is that’s he would be working with a well-established universe, with thousands of hours of rules and characters and places from the movies and TV shows that came before. He’s going to need to fit into that, otherwise why not just make his own Tarantino Sci-Fi Epic? No doubt there’s something about Trek that draws him, it’s just going to end up being a very different movie than we’re used to seeing from him.

Yeah, let it be.

(Of course, for profit reasons, that won’t happen.)