How would you feel about a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino?

I myself would love to see some decent optimistic science fiction as counter programming to, you know, everything. I don’t see Tarantino as the guy to make that sci-fi, but hopefully it’s out there. Somewhere.

So Tarantino could do a Star Trek movie using the plot from the TV show where the crew visits the planet where the natives all live like gangsters from the 30’s.

Ha – actually, a Tarantino version of ‘A Piece of the Action’ would be pretty funny.

But instead of a book about gangsters, their ‘holy text’ is DVDs of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction…

Oh my god, those planet of the gangsters/Greek gods/Nazis were the dopiest and cheesiest episodes. I would probably skip that movie entirely, and I even liked Into Darkness.

“Spock, where or… when are we? Did we accidentally slingshot ourselves around the sun? It looks like we are orbiting Southern California of the late twentieth century!”

"No, captain. This is an M-class planet named Mirama X. The inhabitants worship a primitive art form called ‘90s indie film.’ "

“Captain, we’re being hailed! Someone on the surface named Destiny has turned on the radio. He is inviting us to beam down and spend 3 Days in the Valley with him. He says they like to shoot clay pigeons just west of some red rocks.”

It goes on from there.

I would love to see Tarantino make a movie where the characters travel in a spaceship and shoot ray guns. I’d love to see a ton of directors try that.

I think Nicole Holofcener could do wonders with space opera.

I loved the first 2/3rds of Into Darkness when the movie was about exploring how much liberty are we willing to sacrifice for security in the face of terrorism. And then, the movie suddenly turned into something else.

Hey, raiding the Paramount prop department turns out to be a good way to save on production expenses.

Also, the ‘planet of Romans’ one (Bread and Circuses) was actually pretty good.

After how good Beyond was, I’d prefer to see Justin Lin get another crack at the bat with Simon Pegg writing, but without the clusterfuck of a pre-production.

But that’s probably not going to happen, so yeah, why not? It’d probably be a kind of fetishistic throwback to TOS in some ways, but I do think he has enough respect for the material and enough dexterity to make a Star Trek movie rather than a Star Trek- flavoured Tarantino movie.

Yeah, I saw that interview. I loved how much he loves “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. Makes me think that if he did take a crack, he would love to do a time travel story like that one. He’s clearly a big fan of TNG, and especially that episode.

When I read that article I assumed that since Abrams is still involved that this would continue the Kelvin universe story and characters, but I guess it doesn’t necessarily have to. Be kind of a shame to lose Karl Urban’s McCoy though.

I like individual scenes of Into Darkness well enough, but when you put them together, they form into a hot garbage fire, the smoke of which spells out 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB

With a sprinkle of complete failure to understand that fanservice is not storytelling on top.

Everything terrible about Roberto Orci and JJ Abrams, in one stinking package.

Hahahahahah. Oh man, I never looked at it that way, but you’re right, you could totally interpret it that way. That’s hilarious. I never took the parallels to real life all that seriously though. Sometimes a game like Red Faction: Guerrilla can just be a statement about terrorism and guerrilla warfare, it doesn’t have to be a parallel to the Iraq War, necessarily.

Unfortunately, the parallel with 9/11 can’t be discounted because Robert Orci is a crazypants 9/11 Truther…

Yeah, I figured that was what Soren was referring to. Into Darkness is not really good, but I still love it. It’s just over the top in a way Trek rarely is, at least not without Shatner onscreen somewhere. And I freely admit I grade Trek on a serious curve. What are you gonna do.

A Tarantino Star Trek movie would be… fascinating. I wouldn’t ask for it. But I would watch it.

Update per Deadline: now it’s in the works and will be R-rated. Is it actually greenlit, though?

There is no way a Star Trek movie would be made that was R-Rated. But, maybe I am wrong. You would risk alienating a good chunk of your audience by doing that.

Discovery is essentially R-rated, don’t they throw around a few “fuck”s?

On a CBS product, really?

To be honest I am not a fan of the Marvel trend to “adult up” their movies. I know most of it goes over the kids heads but being as a parent you would think you would be safe taking your kids to a Marvel movie, or a Star trek movie.