How would you feel about a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino?


On a CBS product, really?

To be honest I am not a fan of the Marvel trend to “adult up” their movies. I know most of it goes over the kids heads but being as a parent you would think you would be safe taking your kids to a Marvel movie, or a Star trek movie.


I hope he doesn’t do an Orville movie instead. :(


The more I think about it the more I really want this to happen. Why the fuck not. I can imagine the speculation as to plot and dialog. And casting? Holy shit. Is Mace Windu coming to Vulcan, motherfucker? It would be amazing. I want to see some crazy alien put Spock in a chair in a warehouse and cut one of his ears off. Then I want to see a black and white crazy action scene where Kirk disembowels a bunch of Klingons after intentionally goading them with a shockingly detailed and disgusting story about forcibly sodomizing their offspring to death in a snowy field.

I want see this because it might be insane and awesome if they let him. Or it might end his career. Either one would be fun.


It’s really not R-rated. It’s ever so slightly more sweary than network TV, but no more than a PG-13 movie. The average episode has no swears, and certainly no R-rated sex or violence.


Sure, but the ratings board has a set number of “fucks” a movie is allowed before you’re bumped to R. I forget how many that is, but it’s low, maybe 2 or 3. Could otherwise be a movie about the Pope going about his holy daily business, but exceed your allotment and … you’re fucked.


Sure, and I don’t think there have been more than two fucks in the whole of Discovery so far, and it’s been way longer than movie length. Tilly’s “That’s fucking cool” was the first, wasn’t it? And that was in the third or fourth episode I think.


Trek is a bit like the X-Men and MCU situation. CBS owns the TV franchise, Paramount owns the movie franchise.

Hell, I’d rather have had Tarantino put in charge rather than Abrams in the first place. Abrams has no love for the franchise. He was a hack hired gun who wanted to do a Star Wars film all along, and he bolted as soon as he got his chance.

Tarantino loves Star Trek. Remember Crimson Tide and its Star Trek references? He did a pass on that screenplay. And I guarantee you he wouldn’t have given us the sucky lukewarm Khan remake that was Into Darkness.


There isn’t really a hard rule about the number of F-bombs in a movie for the ratings board. In fact, context is a big part of it. If someone yells “Fuck!” after getting hit with a 2x4 in a film, the board gives that a lot more leeway than a character using fuck in a sexual way. “I’m going to fuck you so hard” might snag an R with just that sentence.


Things appear to be moving forward - Mark L. Smith, writer of The Revenant, is being brought on to write the screenplay while Tarantino works on his Manson family movie.


OMG this thing is real?! I will definitely watch it.


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Did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said “Dead Tribble Storage”?


Not Star Trek related, but Tarantino’s next film now has a huge star attached and a release date (perhaps not the most tasteful thing to schedule the premiere to coincide with the anniversary of the murders).

DiCaprio will play an aging, out-of-work actor in the film. Margot Robbie, meanwhile, is being courted for the role of Sharon Tate.

Tom Cruise is also being pursued to star in the director’s ninth feature. Sources now tell Variety that Tarantino is interested in casting Al Pacino in the film as well. Sony is handling distribution.

The movie will hit theaters on Aug. 9, 2019, Variety has learned. Opening on the 50th anniversary of the day that the Manson family committed the LaBianca murders and the day after Tate was killed, the film will head off against “Artemis Fowl,” Disney’s adaptation of the popular sci-fi and fantasy series.


You have to wonder if he will show Charlie as the crazy leader of a murderous cult or as the guy framed by the LAPD.

And am I the only one who thinks releasing it on the 50th anniversary of the killings is kinda tacky.


Bones McCoy: Say illogical again. Say illogical again you point eared motherfucker!


While holding a phaser to Spock’s head of course.


Sounds like there may be three possible Star Trek scripts in play at the moment, including Tarantino’s. Pegg also mentions that he doubts Tarantino would direct, what with his Manson movie getting going. Who knows?


There won’t ever be an R rated Trek movie Tarantino. Just a bunch of talk and rumors that got blown up by social media and click bait websites.




Variety has more.


I love all the actors involved. I’d love to see more of that crew but would prefer some fresh material and maybe a villain or two with motives that make sense. Oh and maybe some more exploring in Trek and less blowing up the actual ship.