How would you feel about a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino?


From your mouth to god’s ear.


Dump the rebooted universe and go back to traditional “prime” might get me interested again. I couldn’t even make sense through an hour of Beyond it was so bad.


How do you “go back to prime”?


Yeah, how would you do that? You have to un-destroy a whole planet.

I guess more time travel BS could do it.


Travel back in time to the moment Nero arrives in the past to stop him from changing the prime timeline?

Perhaps with the help of Kirk senior (aka Thor), who has been rumoured to appear in the next movie already…


How? Go back in time before Nero’s ship goes through the wormhole thingy, then go forward in time to stop Spock from making the wormhole thingy?


I’ll have no shit talking Star Trek: Beyond on my watch. It’s the best of the nu-Trek movies by a country mile, and what the rebooted series should have been from the start.

Unrelatedly, I have just discovered the movie posters of Chinese design agency Spin Destiny and they are amazing:

I want the Blade Runner 2049 one on my wall right now.


Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot.

That’s always the dilemma of a Star Trek movie. You want it to be more spectacular than just a TV episode of a Star Trek show. But at the same time, you want it to have the character interaction, the intelligence, the ideas that a typical episode brings, at the very least. But with only 90 minutes running time, you only have time for so much if you also want to include the spectacle.

I thought Star Trek: Beyond did a good job, a better job than most Trek movies, at that balance.


Yeah, I’m mainly interested in what the next movie looks like based on the strength of Beyond. Actually to be honest I’ve liked them all, though I had to work a little harder to get there with Into Darkness.


Agreed on the Beyond talk. I was a bit nervous going into it, since Into Darkness was just such a pile of severed testicles, but it was so good. It really had great action AND character stuff. So fun. I hope the next one – and I’m excited there is a next one – is as good.


Just make a movie that takes place in the original timeline that all the movies before did and pretend the garbage JJ shat out never happened.


It’s Kirk meeting up with the actor who became Thor. Think that’s enough for it to be interesting…


Well, you’re still stuck with the fact that you’ve got to recast the whole crew, unless you’re good with the actors but dislike everything else. And while I wouldn’t mind a return to a bit more cerebral Trek, I think these latest movies are recognition that for a big budget (ostensibly) sci-fi epic, you’re going to have to blow some shit up.


Just in case anyone forgot, Hemsworth played Kirk’s father for the opening ten or so minutes in the first Trek reboot.


Really, I missed or don’t remember that.


So… I forget, does Discourse have the ignore function?


I don’t think it was that long even, but the opening of the Trek reboot made quite an impression and generated a whole lot of goodwill from me.

And of course, he wasn’t Thor then, just a Chris who looked like the Chris chosen to be Kirk. Who’d have guessed that several years later he’d be a serious draw for a movie…


You’ll pardon the pedantry, but your post and DarthMasta’s reference Hemsworth being in the next movie, without pointing out that he already played Kirk Sr. in the first movie. I figured there might be a few folks, like @Scuzz, who forgot that or didn’t notice.


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s likely not gonna happen anytime soon.


It won’t. But it should.