How would you feel about a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino?


Smokin Aces’ franchise. Going strong. Testament to that guy from Lost!

Personally I think Tarantino is the guy to direct a Smokin’ Aces flick! I mean the perfect director.


I suspect Pine knows this as well. ;>




No doubt. Just pay them. The problem with the last movie was not the acting. Maybe this time they can not blow up the ship, have a villain that makes sense, and you know, do some Trek with that war stuff and word of mouth will give them a longer tail.


I dare you to tell me, with a straight face, that Quentin Tarantino is not the best director on planet earth to direct a Smokin’ Aces film.


I’m going to tell you a little secret …

I’ve never seen a Smokin’ Aces movie.


Then why did you start a thread that says, “How would you feel about a Smokin Aces movie from Quentin Tarantino?”




No Joke.

I saw this movie in an Internet Cafe in Japan. We didn’t have a place to kind of hang out, three of us, and were tired of walking around one weekend so we just crammed into this internet cafe booth/room and watched this dumb movie.

I am not especially tall nor was I tallest of the three but I do remembering having to like shift my legs and feet to make sure we could see the screen. It’s like mat booth not really chairs.

It’s a terrible movie, even if you’re in a kind of bizarre setting.


I agree, no accounting for taste, but they’ve made a bunch of cash. I think Justin Lin directed the last one and they let Simon Pegg write the script! He plays that Scottish Car Expert. You know, master mechanic and getaway driver?




Heh. This thread is starting to look like a ‘have you ever’ thread.




Wait… there are people who don’t like the first Smokin’ Aces movie?!


Well, the franchise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it did catapult Chris Pine to stardom.


I have no idea what Smokin Aces is apart from a movie that Nesrie didn’t like, Navarone did, and catapulted Pine to stardom.

Like, do the other cards smoke, too, or is it just the Aces that are into ritualized cannabalistic-adjacent practices?


I think that is a strong characterization of my feelings on Smokin’ Aces, Mando. Let’s say I acknowledge that it exists, and leave it at that.


Don’t be coy, dude. You clearly spend a great deal more time talking, and likely thinking, about these movies than someone who just acknowledges their existence.


They are action-caper flicks. They made a lotta cash. The haven’t had Bateman for a while, though. They need to get him back in the franchise.


See, for me, there’s only one Smokin’ Aces. I should probably watch the others, but the first is sublime.

Joe Carnahan, baby. Now I need to watch The A-Team again.