How would you feel about a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino?


I thought it was a Burt Reynolds movie. oh, wait.


Yeah, but they could just recast that classic Burt Reynolds movie, rewrite it and ship it out the door. It’s not like it is a beloved, age old franchise which had a hand in largely writing the pop culture we experience today, or anything… You know, an iconic, zeitgeist of a genre, or something.

Oh heck. Speaking of Zeitgeists, It’s Tuesday night! I gotta finish The Menagerie and do a write up on that and The Corbomite Maneuver in the Star Trek TOS thread (I am behind by one)!


Good news, @Navaronegun! Maybe not so good for me:

Note that this is not the Tarantino Trek film that still may or may not be on the way. I just figured we probably don’t need another Trek thread.


Tarantino is a perfect fit for the Smokin’ Aces franchise. Shame. It made bank.


I’m guessing that the whole Star Trek: The Smoking Aces-ening is over and done. They had a window there where things might line up but I’m thinking it’s probably closed. Maybe if Tarantino makes a big enough stink it can still happen.


Well that’s sad. I loved Beyond.


Yeah, Beyond was pretty good. Tragic waste of Idris Elba, but nobody bats a thousand I guess.


I know…to hide that pretty face behind all that makeup…

I mean…what?


Hey, he’s one damned good lookin’ dude. Ain’t no shame. But the movie also didn’t really give him a whole lot to do.


I didn’t realize there was anything there to love.


Not my fault you have no joy in your black heart.




All right all right all right - not everybody likes new Trek**, we don’t have to re-fight this battle.

** some people are weird, it’s not their fault


I like the nu-Trek cast. (Especially Zoe Saldana <3) But only the third movie feels like real Trek. And only for a while.


I agree. He’s got a suave charisma and confidence. No shame in admitting he is definitely a good looking man.

And @YakAttack I’m always ok with more Zoe Saldana.


I hear they have heart issues.


My heart is black as night.


I love that video so much.


Oh hey look what arrived today!


Is Kirk being… tentacled?