How would you feel about a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino?


Yay! Are you gonna read them to her tonight?


I didn’t get the best response when I opened the box after telling her something had arrived - she cried when she saw it was Star Trek books. My son though was very enthusiastic, so I read them to him. I’ll try to read to her tonight, I think she’s just tired.




So she’s a Star Wars fan?


Well she definitely likes Lego Star Wars! Which now makes me wonder why there was never any Lego Star Trek.


Imagine in 10 years when Disney hires the hot young director K.K. Babrams to remake the original trilogy.

The internet will destroy life on this planet.


Me? I’m a Wars Trek fan.


I’ll laugh if Tarantino plays it straight.

(I’m reminded of Grant Morrison’s run on the JLA - of course everyone was expecting some incomprehensible drug-addled foppery, but it turned out to be a respectful and brilliant run. Similarly with his All-Star Superman run.)

Who knows, maybe the big T is a die-hard Star Trek fan and really wants to bring back the classic TOS feel, that sense of wonder of a group of brave adventurers in a powerful but not invincible tin can, hurtling through the vast abyss of space, encountering weird marvels.


Mega Bloks got that license.