Howard Dean, Cassandra

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Interesting article pointing that that seemingly every time Dean has said something about Iraq that disagreed with everyone else he’s been right: Powell’s speech, going in without the UN, the occupation will suck, Bush made his decision to invade in 2001, Saddam’s capture won’t help, etc., etc.


But he once yelled in public! OBVIOUSLY a total maniac.

You know who already knew this? Everyone that was supporting Dean at the time.

He’s so crazy though! A madman!

February 2003. After Secretary of State Colin Powell made his case for war at the United Nations, most other leading Democrats applauded. Senator Joe Biden called Powell’s case “very powerful and, I think, irrefutable.” Senator John Kerry called it “compelling.” Only Dean dissented. “I heard little today that leads me to believe that there is an imminent threat warranting unilateral military action by the United States against Iraq,” he said.

How is this right?

Dean has been consistent in his opposition to the war. And consistent with a position of advocating immediate withdrawls of American forces. However principaled his opposition might be, his fantasies that everything would be better if we were to just pull out are of the equal levels of delusion that post-invasion planners of the administration had (which is to say, high).

Well so what? the region is fucked, stay or leave, so why stay?

Is there some compelling reason to get more of OUR troops killed?

Staying is less fucked. It gives it a chance.

We broke it, we bought it.

Let’s take a hypothetical for the moment and say poof Dean gets to call the shots, he gets to pull the troops out and a couple hundred thousand Sunni get slaughtered in the resulting chaos. He has no moral culpability?

What the god damned motherfucking hell are you shitheads talking about?

Thousands of Sunnis will be slaughted whenever we leave, IMO. Sucks.

Lino, the point of the imminent threat quote isn’t parsing the specific adjectives to describe how dangerous Iraq was or wasn’t. It’s that the UN presentation 1), didn’t demonstrate Iraq was dangerous at all; because, you konw, it was all hooey and even if true wouldn’t have proved shit, and 2) has now been shown to be totaly, unmitigated horseshit.