Howard's End

About time Dean dropped out. 18 straight non-first-place finishes, and the “American people have spoken, they want me” bit was getting pretty incredulous.

And the “If I don’t win in Wisconsin, I’ll drop out, so send me money now!” and then “I never said I’d drop out” bit was really pushing it, even for Howard.

Okay, you get points for the Merchant-Ivory thread title.

Merchant-Ivory of the boring-me-to-tears chick flicks? About the Raj, where all american jobs not making burgers are going? :)

You stick to Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay films, spunky.

I thought this thread was about Stuttering John leaving the Howard Stern Show. He’s joining Jay Leno on the Tonight Show as the announcer.

Damn, I can’t win my money from Jeff Lackey now.

Bah, I’ll stick to the classics: Animal House, Blues Brothers, et al… :lol:

Shit. Neither can I. Bush losing will be sweet, though, whether I get paid 50 bucks for it or not.

Hey, your thread title got stolen by the New York Times for an op-ed piece. (gamers/gamers login works)