How's is the Cataan online single player game?

I guess you can get it at Yahoo and the Zone now. You have a 60 min. trial before $29.99 is due. Yes, $29.99!!! I know the license is probably expensive and all, but that is quite a load for an online only download and no multiplayer.

That said, if the A.I.'s nine, I think, settings work well, then I guess it would be cool to fire up some solo Settlers of Cataan and be able to save and come back.

Also, I am now confused as to the proper spelling Of Catan/Cataan. It appears both ways now.

It didn’t do anything for me. But then, I played the heck out of the game 10 years ago, so I’m just not excited about standard Catan, especially solo play. It didn’t help either that my 60 minutes were burned with one game. I might have been excited for this if it was multiplayer, but even then I think Catan is best played in a social in-person atmosphere; I just don’t think it makes the leap to the computer well. I could be wrong.

I was impressed with the bidding interface and AI. It captured some of the feel and allowed for many possibilities.

Certainly worth checking out the demo.

I just played my 60 minutes out last night. But $29.95? Nah. The AI didn’t seem that strong to me. I’ll stick with real people thank you very much (who you can play on-line for free).

If you have a few minutes left and want to play a quick game of SoC (multiplayer or vs. bots): Java Settlers.