How's your tub?

Here’s mine. College is fun.

Right-o, I meant to log in before posting that.

Anyways, my tub exploded, thanks to excellent sewage facilities in my area, and I’m making a sort of weblog / photojournal of its progress.

Check it out, won’t you?

Oh, man. That’s just gross.

:!: :!:

I love the “I’m pissed” facial expressions.

yeah i didn’t need much inspiration for the faces… MY TUB IS FULL OF POOP!

I have seen some of the housing down at UofA and some of it is pretty shitty. :lol:


Damned neighbours !!! :roll:

Just out of curiosity… was there any corn in the tub? Peanuts?

Your diagram was the best.

i don’t know what is funnier:

(a) the pics (that clearly show the anger and rage of a man with “poop” in his only shower.)


(b) all the typos and misspellings that insinuate a man in the thralls of anger and rage (due to a tub full of “poop.”)

god i miss college.

yeah the part where it says “fuck you” is central to the theme…

i just made a sort of dramatic reenactment with voice-overs and techno background :)

I don’t want to fanboi about this, but DAMN that was hilarious. I love in the movie how you are pissed off and flipping the bird and such, but the voiceover is just, “and here is the tub, yeah ok now off to the phone to call the manager guy, and ok now the webpage…” Very funny.

Great music track by the way. Blade was an excellent movie.


Assuming you get this cleaned up, aren’t you going to be afraid to take future showers? I mean, did you not study the diagram? There appears to be a dishtowel stuck in your drain pipe!

If your only options are 1) shower in poop or 2) no shower at all, it’s really not much of a choice.

I liked blade a lot, too :)

As for future showers, fuck yeah i’m afraid :(

The video was great, but the diagram was priceless. Hope the mess gets cleaned up soon.

ok the tub saga has come to its thrilling conclusion:

scroll trhough to page 8 for the end.


“Alright, thanks a lot.” LOL.

You/your roommate didn’t expalin about the venetian blind tho… :?


Bummer that that happened to you.

Freakin’ hilarious web site, though, so at least something good came from it. The diagram is priceless.

You know you owe your roomate multiple cases of beer at this point, right?

Page 4 (the diagram) made me laugh so hard I was afraid I would hurt myself.

While I was feeling your pain, of course. :)

Sir, you have a talent - you turned what I’m sure was four days of pure hell into serious amusement (for the rest of us.)


Sniff. A true ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ for our times.

Man, that sucks but it’s soo funny (that it happened to someone else).