HP free Vista upgrade transferable?

I bought my MIL an HP notebook a couple months ago. It came preloaded with Windows XP Media Centre, and a certificate for a free upgrade to Vista. I naturally submitted for the upgrade.

The disc is apparently shipped and on it’s way to me. Anybody know if it’s physically/virtually/cybernetically tied to the qualifying notebook, or is it transferable? I have a legit, full-version of XP Home on my PC, and I’m tempted to use the upgrade myself. It was enough of a chore to teach my MIL where everything is in XP… I’m not about to go through that again for Vista.

I suppose I could wait until Friday when the package shows up at my door, but then again… post-count +1!

I can’t imagine its tied to the notebook. It should upgrade any machine running an approved version of Windows.

I don’t know about HP, and I don’t know about Vista, but Dell’s old upgrade discs had to be used on a Dell – they checked for a Dell BIOS version.

Exactly why I’m askin’. ;-)

Oh well… I’ll report back after the disc arrives.

Gladguy I also bought an HP laptop and it looks as as though my discs also shipped. A small part of me hopes that its transferable but I kinda figure it won’t be. We’ll soon find out!