HS Kids build soybean powered sports car in their spare time

Good for them. I think the bit that’s missing from the article is whether this car would be street-legal. I bet the high mileage is due to the car being much lighter than it would have to be to meet safety standards and such. It’s still a “feel-good” story, though.

Next week’s headline: Soybean Sportscar Kids Disappear Without a Trace

I think the evidence that says that the current bio-diesel technologies are not cost effective is pretty convincing unfortunately. Hopefully the technology will improve.


Enh, whatever. I wasn’t really looking at this story as an economic/political story. I just think it’s really cool that these kids did this. I sure didn’t do anything like this in HS.

i thought that the mileage on diesel engines was typically much better than you got with gasoline engines?

He was talking about bio-diesel…meaning engines powered by biological means (other than the organic oil-based products we use). However, I have seen lots of diesel engines get crappy gas mileage. They tend to be more powerful though.

All things considered… is petroleum “cost effective?”

bio-diesel can be used in standard diesel engines. maybe you are thinking of engines that are modified to run on used cooking oil?

If made correctly Bio Diesel is very cost effective.