HTML 5 Canvas?

So I’ve been doing a few tests with the HTML 5 Canvas (making a simple shooter game), and I’m while the API is rudimentary, the development process is going smoothly. Because of the JavaScript, My old Flash AS2 skills are some what transferable too.
Has anyone else worked with it? Any thoughts on the future/performance/etc.
If you work in tech, are you hearing any rumblings about it?

I’m interested in using it to develop web apps for the iPhone/Touch - do you have any online resources that you’re using?

Yeah, I started here:

This is also good:

Cheers. On a related note, jQtouch looks fantastic.

I was looking for a generic “touch” JavaScript API to use with the Canvas. I think it needs to listen for multi-touch events, the the canvas listens for. I think this will work: