HTML coding

Ok, who knows this stuff? I am an idiot when it comes to most things computer, so I thought I would see who here can code html. Its pretty easy, basically I just need code for a banner that is a pic, that when clicked on redirects to my site. Hit me up if you can help. Thanks!

The internet is your friend here.

You want to look at the <a href><img src=’’></a href> tags.

My favoritist site for looking at HTML is They have a wealth of info broken down into very small basic chunks of information there.

edit: Damn you Adam!

ahhhh man! that requires work on my part, rather than just handing it off to one of you guys! 8)

Seriously, thanks for the links. I will educate myself.


In that case you should’ve titled the thread “HTML coddling”.

no workie

If you can’t get it to work, post what you tried to do, and I’m sure someone will help you figure it out :)

The simplest possible solution would be

<p align=center>
<a href=><img src=></a>

you guys think the W3 Schools page is as good as this book ? I’m a really beginner, so I bought the book. Looks like I should have asked around first. I can return the book though, if folks think the W3 Schools page is as good or better.

While I’ve found that book invaluable, it’s more a recipe book than a teaching text. Depending on how much HTML coding one plans to do, it’s well worth keeping around as a reference.

You know what is a really good HTML book for people that aren’t familiar with programming languages?

HTML for Dummies. That’s the book I learned on back in the day and I still recommend it today.

But the internet has made so you don’t really need a book for it unless you want it. If you click the Learn HTML link on W3Schools, it’s good stuff.

Buy a copy of Dreamweaver instead. If you want to be doing hardcore manual HTML coding I recommend Aptana though.

I’ve been happy with Alleycode.